ATHENS — Carson Beck shares traits with NFL legend Tom Brady, according to outgoing Georgia quarterback Jackson Muschamp.

Muschamp, who provided one of the most iconic moments of the Bulldogs’ 63-3 win over Florida State with his 14-yard rush, made it clear the UGA quarterback room has a bright future.

“Carson has that almost-Tom Brady ability to make it look so so effortless and so easy, which is so cool to see every day in practice,” said Muschamp, who has been one of the Bulldogs’ reserve quarterbacks during the program’s historical three-year run.

“It is hard to sit in the pocket when you have six people rushing you with twists and stunts, and running a disguised coverage behind it,” Muschamp said on the Player’s Lounge podcast.

“(But) he never gets fooled, and he never gets knocked off balance mentally.”

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Beck is listed among the 2024 Heisman Trophy preseason favorites after setting a new Georgia single-season record for completion percentage while ranking ninth in the nation in passing efficiency.

Muschamp, the son of former SEC head coach and current UGA co-defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, has had a front-row seat for the program goings-on as a scout team quarterback the past three seasons.

Muschamp has also had the inside track on the growth of fellow Georgia backup QB and current No. 2 at the position Gunner Stockton.

“The first thing I’ll say about Gunner is he’s really a hard worker, definitely one of the hardest workers on the team,” Muschamp said.

“I’m his roommate, so definitely I see it every day. He’s a guy that just comes in and works every single day, and makes plays, he doesn’t care who gets the credit, he wants to be the best teammate possible and the best friend possible.”

Stockton saw the first extended playing time of his Georgia career in the win over Florida State, taking all of the snaps in the third quarter and into the fourth quarter.

Stockton was 6-of-10 passing for 96 yards and 2 touchdowns, and he also carried 7 times for 47 yards.

“It was cool to see him make the plays that he did, and I don’t think it surprised anyone on the team, seeing the way he works and the way attacks and competes every day,” Muschamp said.

“… he wasn’t running out of bounds, for sure. He was sticking his face in there, he’s tough.”

Muschamp also shared with Player’s Lounge host Aaron Murray the value Mike Bobo brought as offensive coordinator.

“It was great, honestly, you know better than anyone, he’s an outstanding coach and he’s a better person,” Muschamp said. “Before some of our quarterback meetings, he would sit in there an ask us how our day was going .…

“He taught me a lot about football, but he also taught me about being a good man and being a good person.”

Murray put Muschamp on the spot asking about potential breakout players next season, and like his famous father — a witty, media favorite — Jackson was quick with the right answer.

“There’s going to be a lot of weapons, a younger guy that comes to mind is Anthony Evans,” Jackson Muschamp said.

“He’s a guy that comes in and practices so hard, makes plays every day. He’s another guy who doesn’t care who gets the credit. You’ve seen it over the last coupe of games with the kind of plays he’s been able to make.”

Muschamp said he expects an exciting 2024 season across college football filled with opportunities as the SEC has expanded to 16 teams and a new, 12-team CFP is in place.

“It’s going to be a unique experience for fans, and it will be new and fun; it will bring a lot of passionate fanbases together,” Muschamp said.

“At the end of the day it will be new challenges and bigger challenges, and when you come to Georgia, that’s what you sign up to do.”