FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Carson Beck transitioned from first-year starter in 2023 to ranking among the early 2024 Heisman Trophy favorites in four short months.

First things first, Beck wants to finish the season with a win when the Bulldogs play undefeated Florida State at 4 p.m. on Saturday in the Orange Bowl.

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“For a lot of these guys that are going to be on the field, it’s going to be their last game wearing a Georgia uniform …. ,” Beck said. “The least that I can do is go out on the field and give them my all and put my best foot down. So you know, be able to send them out the right way.”

Beck said the bowl practices have helped the team stay sharp, and he expects and even bigger boost from himself in 2024.

“It was great to prove to myself that I could go out there and compete at a high level in the SEC, but another thing I learned is that I can be so much better, you know?” Beck said.

“There’s so many things that I can improve on and different areas that I can be better in, so I’m definitely excited to try to finish this season strong, and then start honing in on the areas that I can get better in going into next year.”

Beck waited three years to get his opportunity, so it was only natural he was looking to boost his confidence with each early season performance.

“I think, as far as like the skills and that stuff, it was always there,” Beck said. “But I feel like if you watch the film, it doesn’t look like the same person throughout the year. You can tell like, the confidence, kind of just the aura that I started to build over each game.

“Because Week One Carson and Week 11 Carson were not the same quarterback at all.”

Beck concedes he raised the bar on himself as the season wore on, becoming more hypercritical of his own performances.

“I think you’re right that in the beginning of the season, I was more of building my confidence and that sort of thing,” Beck said. “Now that that’s implemented in place, I would probably say like after the Kentucky game was really when I started to get very critical of myself ….

“Ever since that game, it’s really been super focused on little things and just constantly trying to improve week to week.”

And now, with an entire offseason for Mike Bobo to build an offense around him — and Beck to improve his skills working with QB guru Denny Thompson — bigger things are expected in 2024.

Indeed, Beck believes there can be a “huge difference” for him, which would be saying a lot considering Georgia ranks second in the nation in third-down efficiency and he led the team to a 12-1 record.

“My eyes, you know, there’s a lot of areas that I’ll go back and watch this season, watch every single play over and over again,” Beck said. There’s so many things that I can improve on and just continue to get better at. Even the confidence piece of just going out there and believing in this team, believing in myself, and understanding exactly what defenses are trying to do.

“But I think that there can be a huge improvement from year to year.”

Beck will have the national collegiate football audience to himself on Saturday, so his performance in the Orange Bowl is sure to leave a strong early impression leading into the 2024 season.