Rewind: A look back at the big plays from G-Day 2016

All but the very upper-tier, 600 Level of Sanford Stadium was close to being filled a half-hour before kickoff of Saturday's G-Day Game.

ATHENS — Welcome to DawgNation’s live coverage of G-Day, the annual UGA football scrimmage. Follow below for updates:



G-Day ends with Georgia defeating Georgia, 34-14. Jacob Eason will be the story of the game … but he’s not the only one. We’ll have updates from Kirby Smart and other players after postgame interviews. Check back throughout the evening for stories and updates.


And now Tae Crowder joins the scoring column. The redshirt sophomore goes up the middle – on what looked a lot like the play Shaquery Wilson scored on the previous drive. That gives the Black team – or the Red team, we’re not really sure – a 34-14 lead.

Brice Ramsey was the quarterback that drive, and had a nice pass down the middle of the field to help set it up.


OK, so Jacob Eason … yeah. He just threw a perfect touch pass that Reggie Davis hauled in for a 37-yard completion. The heart palpations from the crowd could be felt all the way in Washington state.

That set up a 5-yard touchdown run by Shaquery Wilson. And for those actually keeping score at home, the Red team now leads the Black team, 27-14.

By the way, the Red team not going for the two-point conversion is the first serious coaching error of Kirby Smart’s head coaching tenure. (Kidding.)



Jacob Eason re-entered the game and promptly nailed a completion to Riley Ridley on a crossing pattern. The legend continues.


Aaron Davis produces the defensive play of the game, a 98-yard interception return. And it took awhile: Davis picked off a Greyson Lambert pass near the left sideline, then ended up running down the opposite sideline, out-running Lambert himself near midfield.

It looked like receiver Riley Ridley ran the wrong route. It’s still counted against Lambert in the stat book, though.


Shaquery Wilson has indeed played tailback and gotten some carries. He has natural ability, but there are still some hiccups: He and Greyson Lambert just had a miscommunication on a handoff, leading to Lambert having to literally run towards Wilson in the backfield to deliver him the ball. Wilson still managed to go straight ahead and gain a couple yards.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the Wilson experiment at tailback carries into the summer. It’s not clear if there’s an opportunity for him in the backfield, with Nick Chubb on the way back and Elijah Holyfield on the way. And the other sophomore receivers – Michael Chigbu and Jayson Stanley – have looked good today.


Your new quarterback is … Nick Robinson.

The walk-on receives the second series of the second half, with the Black team, after Greyson Lambert opened with the Red team. It’s not clear how much more Jacob Eason will play; while he only played two series in the first half, he did have the most pass attempts (14), and Kirby Smart’s stated goal was to split up the quarterback snaps as much as possible.

Robinson, by the way, finished the drive by hitting fullback Christian Payne for a touchdown. Gotta say, Robinson doesn’t look too bad. He’s a gamer.


Black 13, Red 7

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