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Joshua L Jones/Special
Kirby Smart's first two years at UGA have been a tremendous success, but not everyone predicted that outcome before he was hired at the end of the 2015 season.

Revisiting the worst article in DawgNation history

Brandon Adams

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Revisiting the worst article in DawgNation history

Writing is something I’ve wanted to do more of for a while. You might think that hosting DawgNation Daily and a seemingly endless list of other video programs (more on that in a moment) would be enough for me, but it’s apparently not.

The truth is I read the content produced by my friends here at DawgNation and I often get a little jealous. I wish I could write like that too.

Sometimes I even wonder why it is I don’t get asked to write more articles.

Then I remember there’s a clear answer to that question.

Believe it or not, in the early days of DawgNation I did occasionally write, and on least one occasion I produced what can almost certainly be considered the worst piece ever published on this site.

The date was Nov. 29, 2015. The headline was simple: UGA should think twice about hiring Kirby Smart.

In retrospect, it’s obvious DawgNation should’ve thought twice about hiring me.

The decision to write this article seems like the worst choice anyone could ever make — until you remember the citizens of Knoxville, Tenn. just elected a professional wrestler as their mayor. Compared to that, maybe it isn’t so bad. But it’s still shameful.

At this point, I could attempt to explain how no one could’ve predicted Smart would have Georgia in the College Football Playoff as quickly as he did, and that might be true, but what you really want is to mock me for how ridiculous my take was. So by all means, enjoy yourself.

I wrote if UGA hired Smart it “would be taking a tremendous risk on a guy with no previous head coaching experience.” This certainly seemed correct at the time, but in hindsight it’s a little like saying Jeff Bezos took a “tremendous risk” when he decided to get in the book business.

Another example of my brilliant analysis was to explain hiring Smart would mean “ignoring one of the most significant trends in college football: defensive coaches haven’t successfully made the transition to head coach as often as offensive coaches have.” I even had some fancy stats to back up my point. What I didn’t have, it turns out, is a clue.

Thankfully, speaking as a UGA fan, it’s never felt so good to be wrong. And it feels good to finally be allowed to write once again too.

Speaking of UGA fans…

UGA is reporting record-setting fundraising for the Georgia Bulldog Club. The group raised $80.4 million in 2017 — 41% higher than the previous record of $56.9 million collected in 2016.

According to UGA, the majority of major gift funds raised in 2017-18 went towards the West End Zone project at Sanford Stadium.

Speaking of UGA fans, Part 2

It was cool to see NASCAR driver — and well-known UGA supporter — Chase Elliott site Smart as inspiration for his first cup-series win Sunday. The aftermath of his triumph at Watkins Glen shows Elliiott’s got plenty of his own fans around the state as well.

Pats part ways with former UGA wide receiver

Just when it seemed the New England Patriots were doing everything they could to win over DawgNation they go and release one of their former UGA products.

The Pats — who still have three former UGA players remaining on their roster — have reportedly cut wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell.

It’s unclear what’s in store for Mitchell in the future, but one thing’s obvious: he’s already a better writer than me.

New video content from DawgNation

Did you see our new video series? It’s a 90-second look around DawgNation called DN90. Here’s the debut episode.

But wait… that’s not all!

The Own the East video series also returned to DawgNation this week. Check out some great work by DawgNation’s Chip Towers.


I had some fun at Alabama’s expense on Monday’s edition of DawgNation Daily. While discussing how Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Hurts’ words hurt his team I explained why the same kind of controversy isn’t likely at UGA. I thought Mike Griffith also had a great take on this topic earlier this week. Check it out.

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