Georgia's Travon Walker goes 1st in 2022 NFL draft

NFL Camp Reports: Travon Walker intensity, preparedness in sharp contrast to Aidan Hutchinson

“He’s such a pro, he’s so hard on himself,” Pederson said. “He doesn’t want to make a mistake and you just have to tell him, ‘Hey, just calm down, relax, everything’s going to be okay. We have plenty of time before we play a game.’

“But you like players like that who are critical of themselves and their performance because they want to do well, and he’s been one of those guys.”

NFL teams have surely noticed a trend with the defensive players Georgia has turned out, and Philadelphia Eagles rookie Nakobe Dean explained why.

“It was always, you can do this better, you made this play, you got this Pick 6, but you could have gotten to the end zone faster if you took this step, or, you could have read the play faster,” Dean said in one of this first NFL interviews.

“Or, you got a sack, but you could have gotten a sack-fumble. So it was never pat yourself on the back.”

Pederson said Walker has “been doing really well” and is embracing the new role Jacksonville is asking him to play as an outside linebacker in its defensive scheme.

Said Michigan coach Dan Campbell, “I know that he’s just happy to be here and he’s in a classroom learning football.”

The stark contrast between Walker and Hutchinson’s approach and preparedness brings more questions to John Harbaugh’s comments this offseason that Michigan and Alabama are built more like NFL programs than others.

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For that matter, New England second-year quarterback Mac Jones made a comment this week that brought into question part of Alabama’s program.

“I’ve learned more this offseason than I probably ever have about nutrition, sleep, wellness, all that stuff,” Jones reportedly said after the Patriots’ practice on Monday.

The practice reports represent small sample sizes, but at the same time, provide evidence that sweeping conclusions like Harbaugh made can have exceptions or quickly be disproven.

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