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Tralee Hale, the mother of Georgia redshirt freshman CB Kelee Ringo, lets loose with raw emotion after his first career interception against UAB on Sept. 11, 2021, inside Sanford Stadium in Athens, Ga. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Georgia football Mom Tralee Hale filled with joy after her son Kelee Ringo’s first interception

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football info? That’s the Intel. This entry shares the picture of what it was like for the mother of Kelee Ringo Saturday afternoon. When Tralee Hale saw his first career interception, she lived it up.

When Tralee Hale saw her son Kelee Ringo snatch his first college interception against UAB, it was more than a career milestone.

This was life. With sport draped around it. She has been fighting breast cancer to see a moment like that.

It was also a day of gratitude. And answered prayers. It was somehow even a chance to visit a beloved family member’s ashes. Hale somehow had a front-row seat for it all.

“It was so so much,” she said. “All at the same time. It just happened so fast. We all reacted. It was such a beautiful moment.”

Ringo had a trying freshman year. The nation’s former No. 1 CB prospect endured shoulder surgery and a redshirt season.

“Coming in as a 5-star and having to have surgery, I just watched him be so patient and dedicated to the game,” Tralee Hale said. “I can’t imagine being a 5-star and wanting to come in and show what he could do his first year and then not being able to.”

Ringo shared a window into his lost 2020 season with reporters this week.

“Selfishly, it was pretty hard honestly,” Kelee Ringo said. “Just being told that I was going to be able to come to the University of Georgia and help right away honestly. But that setback, I feel it was something that I honestly needed mentally. To give me something hard in my life that I had to go through.”

“I know that if I am able to go through this and keep myself up day-in and day-out and stay engaged scheme-wise with the coaches and also my players. I feel like seeing my teammates every single day work hard and just looking forward to really being a part of that really helped me stay up and stay on the right foot every single day.”

But let’s be honest here: Ringo’s Mama has had the tougher road.

When she saw her son make that play, it was raw. Pure joy.

“That emotion ranged from my finally getting to see my son play in his first home game to my actually being able to be there,” she said.

It was his story and then hers. Intertwined. Like it has always been.

“It was the waiting for him and then combined with the weight of what I am going through and him being such a support system for me and so understanding,” Hale said. “Even with this quarantine, he’s been spending time and making time for me when he doesn’t have it. It has just been amazing.”

“So it was that emotion and then me just being there to see it. That emotion ranged from finally getting to see my son catch the pick to my being able to be there to even see it and to see many more. I am just looking forward to many more.”

“It has been the worst and the hardest thing I have had to go through with cancer and living through the chemo.”

A good day for Tralee Hale and Kelee Ringo

There are points where she’s so caught up in it all. She needs to pause. Hale will chalk it up as “chemo brain” clouding up her thoughts.

She’s too hard on herself. Does someone who has been through hell need to apologize for the soot on their clothes?

Yet if the trade is short-term “chemo brain” for every Team Ringo pick, she’s snatching that deal 10 times out of 10. Just like her son with that first pick.

“I’m having to relearn how to be in this body and communicate with a compromised ability to say what I mean,” she said.

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