George Pickens: Pittsburgh Steelers are learning what UGA fans already knew

George Pickens has finally been unleashed in the NFL -- and the Pittsburgh Steelers are just beginning to learn about the extraordinary talent of the rookie from Georgia.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are learning what UGA fans already know: George Pickens is one of the best receivers in the game of football.

Several videos of Pickens making circus catches during routine drills (see videos below) have gone viral over the last few days. The rookie from Georgia is just a few days into his first camp with the Steelers, and he has put everyone on notice:

“George is super talented,” Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky told the’s Ray Fittapaldo.

“He just has to keep detailing the offense. He’s getting it down. He’s learning. He’s asking a lot of questions, which is awesome, but he’s out there making plays. I’m getting to the point where I really trust him throwing him the ball. He’s made some great grabs. He’s going to be a great player. He just has to keep working.”

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Pickens has made so many jaw-dropping plays in camp that the veterans in his position group are quick to acknowledge his high ceiling of talent. This is from Steelers’ receiver Chase Claypool:

“I think (Pickens is) going to be one of the best rookie receivers in the NFL. I think it’s pretty clear.”

On Saturday, Pickens blew up the Internet after making a spectacular catch during drills. He incidentally deflected the ball about five yards in the other direction, but had the uncanny ability to change directions to pivot and stretch out to catch the ball before it hit the ground.

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