Rob Saye/special to DawgNation
Lorenzo Carter, left, didn't pick what some would think was the obvious choice when he was asked to name his favorite moment at UGA. He is joined by former Bulldogs running back Nick Chubb.

It might take a minute to guess best UGA moment for Lorenzo Carter

Pop quiz: Can you name the shining moment for Lorenzo Carter at UGA? There are a lot of contenders, just from the 2017 season alone.

Was it The Rose Bowl? That blocked kick?


What about that payback victory in the SEC title game against Auburn?

Strike two. 

Lorenzo Carter-Georgia football-UGA football
Lorenzo Carter had a lot of big games in 2017. Which one will he remember the most? (Rob Saye/special to DawgNation)

Carter’s answer reflects more of a team win than a night when his individual totals jumped off the stat sheet.

But he did come up with a pretty big play in that contest, too.

“I would have to say the Notre Dame game,” said Carter, looking beyond his key strip sack that led to a Notre Dame fumble. “That game was legendary. Just being up there on the field with the gold dome and that legendary stadium and tradition. That moment was most definitely the best moment of my college career.”

He looks back fondly on how DawgNation supported the team that night. It was Georgia’s first trip above the Mason-Dixon line in decades.

“You just saw a sea of red at night when the sun started setting,” he said. “I will never forget that.”

The former 5-star recruit from the Class of 2014 had to wait his time with the Bulldogs but made up for it in the 2017 season. Carter matured quite a bit from the time he was a little uneasy about strapping on a bunch of life jackets to pull a Mark Richt off the high dive during his early years in Athens.

The former Norcross standout had 26 starts at UGA, including 10 last season. He led the team with a career-high 10 tackles against Oklahoma. That bested the previous career-high of 9 he recorded against Florida.

Carter finished his time at UGA with 165 career tackles. He received the Charley Trippi Award at the 2017 postseason gala. That honor goes to the most versatile player on defense after every season.