GREENSBORO — Georgia officials addressed their athletic department concerns after celebrating their successes on Thursday.

Most notably, UGA president Jere Morehead said he trusts Bulldogs football coach Kirby Smart to handle the recent trend of football players involved in speeding-related arrests.

“There are going to be growing pains with young people, so I’m confident Coach Smart will continue to address those issues as they arise,” Morehead said, following the spring athletics board meeting at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge on Lake Oconee.

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“I know that Coach Smart is addressing it, but I leave it up to him to determine what he wants to say publicly, or not say publicly. I trust his judgment in that regard.”

Georgia team captains Jamon Dumas-Johnson (Jan. 10 incident) and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint (May 24) were two of the four players who have been arrested on driving-related charges since the Bulldogs captured their second consecutive national championship with a 65-7 win over TCU.

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The Bulldogs’ program experienced a tragic loss when recruiting staffer Chandler LeCroy and Devin Willock died in a crash involving high speeds in January.

Former Georgia player and Philadelphia Eagles first-round NFL pick Jalen Carter was arrested on driving-related charges related to the tragic incident.

Earlier this month, receiver De’Nylon Morrissette was arrested on May 8 on DUI charges along with driving too fast for conditions and following too closely.

Georgia third-year athletic director Josh Brooks, who received a raise of $1.025 million starting in July, acknowledged the driving incidents are a problem UGA is aiming to fix.

“Just like you would as a parent, you want to look at every lever you can pull … there’s disciplinary measures, there’s educational measures,” Brooks said. “We’re going to look to intensify all of those efforts, because I don’t think it’s just one thing you do.

“There’s discipline, there’s education and there are no shortage of things we will keep doing to rectify this problem.”