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Georgia football Gimme 5: Genesis of the ‘BigBaby’ nickname for recruit, NIL deals, Todd Monken wizardry and WR recruiting

Welcome to Gimme 5, a weekly Q&A where one member of the DawgNation team answers your questions about the Georgia football program. To ask questions, simply check out the DawgNation forum and your questions could be featured in a future edition of Gimme 5.

Jeff Sentell answers this week’s questions, ranging from hunting for elite WR talent to a cool nickname on the recruiting trail to an intriguing NIL question to future Todd Monken playcalling wizardry.

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We took the majority of questions for this week’s feature from the weekly DawgNation “Before the Hedges” program that airs at 7:30 p.m. every Wednesday across all of our social channels. This week’s question points to a rather unique nickname for a major Georgia recruiting target.

Christy from the DawgNation YouTube channel asks: BIG BABY?

Answer(In ✨video✨)

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AvgJoe via the DawgNation Forum asks: With [offensive coordinator] Todd Monken’s history of being creative (i.e. Mclntosh vs Mich), what is your over/under on non-QB TD passes this year? I’m putting mine at 2 with Ladd as a prime suspect for 1 of the 2.

On a somewhat related note, do you think we will see Malaki take any snaps on the offensive side of the ball this year?

Answer: I’ll take both of these this week as a 2-for-1 special here for AvgJoe from our DawgNation forum.

I’m putting the over/under at exactly one. There are a lot more former QBs or guys with QB arms on the Georgia team for sure. Dillon Bell comes to mind. However, I do agree with you about McConkey. He is the most likely ‘Dawg to throw not just a TD pass, but a pass in general. He was a quarterback his senior year at North Murray. Monken is a clever playcaller and the real chess masters call plays early in the year to set up plays later in the year. With an offense as versatile as the one in Athens, we will see variety with the playmakers off that jet sweep call and other quick-game screens.

As for Starks, he is special with the ball in his hands. We saw him make plays throughout his HS career. We just didn’t see him make plays like the “Wow” pick where he flashed gold jacket ball skills against Oregon. Yet with this team and this year, it is vital he masters his role at safety first and foremost. That’s the priority. There’s a reason why he had more snaps than any other ‘Dawg through the first two games. He hasn’t banked a lot of reps yet at safety. He spent most of his time in high school as a game-breaking single-wing QB.

Starks ran for 1,537 yards (and 8.9 yards per attempt) and scored 24 touchdowns as a junior in 2020. The monster game he had against Benedictine in the 2020 state playoffs was the stuff of legend. He ran for 300 yards and four touchdowns and added a clutch red zone interception in the fourth quarter with a badly injured thumb.

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Stick Deas from “Before the Hedges” on the DawgNation YouTube channel asks: Can a NIL deal lock in a recruit’s commitment making them unable to “flip”?

Answer: This was a plum topic from Stick. I don’t know if I’d use the word “lock” but more like limiting a prospect’s brand. The way I understand it is most of these NIL deals are locked into a group of businesses or individuals that are tied to a specific university or university ADI or region.

Let’s be clear. They are not locked into or tied directly to any school. (Wink wink.)

Let’s say there’s this fantastic QB that excels in multiple sports out of California. Let’s imagine he enters into an alleged NIL deal with a collective that has several NIL deals with just one specific SEC East school. It is largely just a coincidence there, I will presume.

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