Lane Kiffin trolls Kirby Smart again, takes credit for motivating Georgia to beat Alabama

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart and Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin spent two years together on the Alabama staff under Nick Saban.
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ATHENS —Just in case anyone was having an uneventful Father’s Day on social media, Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin decided to stir things up between Georgia and Alabama fans.

Kiffin, who’s known for his hilarious social media takes as much as his effective quarterback coaching and play-calling, decided on Sunday night to remind everyone how he trolled Kirby Smart last year on Father’s Day.

Fisher responded angrily to Kiffin’s joke and the assertion that different schools had different resources to spend on players.

“We don’t have the same funding and resources as some of these schools do to do these NIL deals,” Kiffin said in a story. “It’s basically like dealing with different salary caps. We now have a sport that has completely different salary caps and some of these schools are five or 10 times more than everybody else of what they can pay these players. I know nobody uses those phrases, but that is what it is.

“I joked the other day that I didn’t know if Texas A&M was going to incur a luxury tax in how much they paid for their signing class.”

Fast forward 3 1/2 months later, and it was Saban calling out Texas A&M for buying their recruiting class, sending Fisher into a rage of historic proportion.

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Smart, to his credit, stayed out of the Saban-Fisher fray at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin.

Smart has also not allowed himself to get pulled into Kiffin’s tomfoolery, perhaps recognizing that the Ole Miss head coach owns the sense of humor department in the SEC.

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Smart isn’t one to let much get under his skin, anyway, keeping his energy and focused on winning championships.

Besides, Smart explained his relationship with Kiffin in 2016 as a positive one.

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“While I was there Lane and I had a good relationship, he sat next to me in vigil,” Smart said at the time.

“We survived those staff meetings when things were tough. I got a lot of appreciation for Lane. He did a good job offensively and he scored a lot points which was the defensive coordinator’s best friend.”

Kiffin may need to be reminded Ole Miss is due to come to Athens in 2023 to face Smart and the Bulldogs between the hedges.

Smart doesn’t claim or discuss paybacks, but it’s worth noting Georgia was up 35-0 on Vanderbilt after one quarter last season en route to a 62-0 win after the Commodores failed to show up on UGA’s Senior Day in 2020, costing the outgoing players the record for most wins by a class.

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