Kirk Herbstreit compliments UGA’s dominance

Miami Gardens, Fla. - Georgia head coach Kirby Smart takes a bite out of an orange after beating Michigan 34-11

Where was this UGA defense against Alabama in the SEC Championship game?

That’s what college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit wondered aloud in his Saturday morning appearance on ESPN. Thousands upon thousands of Georgia fans have been pondering the same question over the last month.

“They didn’t look like the same Georgia team against Alabama,” Herbstreit said. “Last night they played with attitude -- looked more like the defense that played against Arkansas.”

Against Arkansas, the Bulldogs sprinted out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter, before the then-ranked No. 8 Razorbacks had a chance to catch their collective breath.

Against Michigan, it was the same deal, and Herbstreit went out of his way to praise Georgia for its aggressive style of play:

“They were better physically. The field was slanted the whole game. There wasn’t much Michigan could do.”

Desmond Howard, the former Michigan star who is a co-host of ESPN GameDay with Herbstreit, added this: “(Georgia) was so much bigger and athletic than Michigan.”

UGA fans know that Alabama’s talent is in another galaxy than Michigan’s, but hopefully Friday’s dominant performance will give the Bulldogs some much-needed momentum heading into the national championship game.

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