LOOK: Arguably greatest UGA back tattoo ever is revealed by former Bulldogs linebacker

Amarlo Herrera was an All-SEC linebacker for UGA in 2014

Amarlo Herrera had such a wonderful and life-changing experience while playing football at UGA … that he got a head-turning tattoo on his back to commemorate it.

How good is it? If you see it, you’ll will surely never forget it.

The jaw-dropping tattoo resembles the back of his No. 52 Georgia jersey, including his last name in big letters across the top. Herrera also found a creative way to pay tribute to several of his Bulldogs teammates who remain very close friends to this day.

A closer look

“You grew up in high school, but you really grow up in college when you’re off on your own,” Herrera told DawgNation. “These are the people I was with every day at Georgia for those three or four years. It was a special time, being around them all the time. We had all these memories we made together as a family while at Georgia.”

Inside the first number, Herrera has images of his buddies Todd Gurley, Malcolm Mitchell, Corey Moore, T.J Stripling, Josh Dawson, Damian Swann, Jonathon Rumph, and Sheldon Dawson — all in their Bulldogs jerseys.

Herrera, 28, starred at linebacker for Georgia from 2011 to 2014, earning second-team All-SEC honors in his final season.

The idea for the tattoo design was formulated around five months ago, with Herrera finally getting it installed this week. The tattoo took around four hours to erect on Herrera’s back, and he said he didn’t feel as much pain as he did with his other tattoos because he used numbing cream for the first time.

What did Gurley and the others think of Herrera’s tribute? “They had all known about it for a minute because they saw the design months ago. But yeah, they got to see the real thing this week, and they all said they loved it.”

What’s Herrera doing these days? He works in Atlanta in financial planning. After leaving UGA, he hung around the NFL for two seasons, and he also had a try-out with the WWE with the hopes of a wrestling career.

“My time at Georgia was a special time in my life,” Herrera said. “These guys (featured in the tattoo) were with me every step of the way … they are special to my heart.”

What are your thoughts on Herrera’s back tattoo? Have you seen one better? If so please post a picture of it in the comments section below.

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