Former Alabama star talks smack about UGA

Although some Alabama fans have yet to come to terms with it, UGA defeated the Crimson Tide 33-18 for the national championship
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Some Alabama fans – and former players – are still in denial about UGA’s win over the Crimson Tide for the national championship.

And most certainly don’t view the Bulldogs as an equal to Alabama.

Former Alabama star Mark Ingram was asked on Tuesday to respond to claims that Georgia has risen to the status of one of the nation’s elite football programs, on a show hosted by the NFL.

“Listen to me, when (UGA has) it proven over several years, a decade plus – then come talk to me. When they have 18 national championships, then come talk to me. When they have six (national championships) in the last 12 years or whatever it may be, then come talk to me.

“And the only reason they have a national championship is purely because their head coach came from Bama. So really (Georgia) should be thanking Bama.”

Ingram was laughing during the last part of his answer, so perhaps he was joking. Or maybe not.

Former Alabama star Jonathan Allen also had this to say: “You know what they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

One night earlier, the NFL hosted a similar event on Twitter spaces which included former Georgia standouts Sony Michel and Mecole Hardman. Michel spoke very candidly about the future of the Bulldogs:

“All I have the foundation is built and we’re here to stay. To all the ‘Bama fans out there, the foundation has been built and we are here to stay.”

Michel also spoke about the 2018 national championship game, when the Bulldogs lost to Alabama in overtime: “Not to mention they cheated us out of the national championship as well … So we’re not even going to speak on that.”

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