Kelly Stafford: Hilarious tale of Matthew Stafford diaper fumble in Athens, Georgia football building tour

Former Georgia cheerleader Kelly Stafford shared a hilarious story of her family's UGA facility tour and how Super Bowl and former Bulldogs' quarterback Matthew Stafford fumbled his diaper assignment.
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ATHENS — Former Georgia cheerleader Kelly Stafford recently provided a hilarious review of her family’s recent time in Athens and tour of the Bulldogs’ $80 million football building.

Kelly, married to former Georgia star and Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl-winning quarterback Matthew Stafford, has a popular weekly Apple Podcast called ‘The Morning After’ on which she pulls no punches.

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“I mean, they have a full-on arcade …. a full-on restaurant, and also a cafeteria, they have Chik-fil-A to go (and)whatever you want snack-wise. They have a movie theatre, It is absurd.”

Not everything was perfect, however, as Kelly Stafford revealed what can only be viewed as an oversight when one considers the exposure and importance Matthew and Kelly provide the University of Georgia.

Kelly and Matthew have become one of the NFL’s power couples at this moment.

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“Matthew is on the wall in there (football building) a few times,” Kelly Stafford noted of the photos and decor inside the football building, and how the couple’s 5-year-old twin girls were excited to see pictures of their father. “So they loved running up, ‘Is that daddy?’ And I’m like, ‘It is.’

“One of the girls was like, ‘Why is he number 7?’ And it was like, ‘he was number 7 in college,’ " Kelly Stafford said.

“And they’re like “Mommy where are you?’

“I was like Mommy didn’t make the board, which I’m kind of upset about, because there are cheerleader (pictures) in the facilities, (but) Mommy didn’t make one,” Kelly Stafford said. “You know, I don’t know, maybe I should have made that part of our donation.”

The Staffords have donated an undisclosed amount of money to UGA, and while it might not approach the Peyton Manning-Tennessee standard, it’s believed to be fairly substantial.

No doubt, in today’s NIL-driven SEC world, stars and athletes like the Staffords have become key proponents and supporters with the attention, opportunities and financial assistance they are able to provide their alma maters with the unique positions they are in.

Kelly Stafford — who is also a model — joked that maybe she didn’t look good enough in her cheerleading picture for UGA administrators to put her picture up in the football facility.

Kelly Stafford joked that maybe her cheerleader picture didn't look good enough for UGA to post it in their football building.
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The Morning After podcast goes on to chronicle Kelly Stafford’s fun but challenging trip to downtown Athens with her four daughters, which include a 3-year-old and 1-year-old in addition to the 5-year-old twins.

Matthew Stafford, according to his wife, fumbled the one packing task she assigned him of packing diapers and wipes for the trip.

Thus, Kelly was making light of how Matthew was “in the new workout facilities and having a ball with his old friends and coaches” while she was having to scotch tape two ill-fitting diapers together in downtown Athens where it was “125 degrees with humidity.”

Athens is a town Kelly Stafford says she loves, and she was impressed to find a Target downtown even if its limited selection didn’t include diapers. Thankfully, the nearby CVS had one pack left, even if it was the wrong size.

Kelly said she let Matthew hear about it before the couple went back to Atlanta, where Kelly was born, to visit with her parents and more relatives.

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