Nick Saban says Texas A&M ‘bought every player on their team’

Alabama coach Nick Saban (center) set the college football world on fire with his NIL comments on Wednesday evening

It’s officially the offseason for college football, when many things that head coaches say on the speaking circuit get blown out proportion during the slow news days.

However, Alabama Nick Saban said some things that would turn heads at any point during the year, during an appearance in front of local business leaders in Birmingham, Ala., on Wednesday evening. He poured gasoline on the game’s hottest topic.

The 70-year-old Saban publicly ripped his SEC West rival, Texas A&M, over manipulating the ‘Name, Image and Likeness’ rules to sign this year’s nation’s No. 1 recruiting class.

“We were second in recruiting last year, A&M was first,” Saban said. “A&M bought every player on their team. Made a deal for name, image and likeness. We didn’t buy one player. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to sustain that in the future because more and more people are doing it.”

Get your popcorn ready, as surely Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher will have plenty to say about Saban’s fiery comments in the near future.

Saban also took aim at Deion Sanders, the NFL legend who is now coach at Jackson State. Saban and Sanders have appeared together in AFLAC commercials recently.

“Read about it in the paper,” Saban said on Wednesday. “Jackson State paid a guy a million dollars last year that was a really good Division I player to come to the school. And they bragged about it. Nobody did anything about it. These guys at Miami that are going to play basketball for $400,000, it’s in the newspaper. The guy tells you how he’s doing it. But the NCAA can’t enforce their rules because it’s not against the law.”

This past year, Jackson State shocked the college football world by flipping the nation’s No. 1 recruit, safety Travis Hunter from the Atlanta suburbs, from Florida State.

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