Nation’s No. 2 junior Bryan Bresee plans a return trip to UGA this weekend

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5-star junior DE Bryan Bresee rates as the nation's No. 1 player in the class of 2020.

Bryan Bresee, the nation’s No. 2 overall prospect for 2020, will be back at UGA this weekend.

The 6-foot-6, 280-pound DE target will be coming from Maryland for what will be no less than his fourth trip over the last 14 months.

Consider this quote from Bresee about how well he relates to Smith: “Nolan gets all of me,” Bresee said last summer out in Texas.  “He was with me at the G-Day visit with me. We hung out there.”

It all adds to the research for Bresee regarding the Bulldogs.

“I have talked to a bunch of people who are really thinking about Georgia,” Bresee said. “I will just say that if I could play with him and play with them, then it would be a lot of fun.”

DawgNation recently caught up with Walker on the Bresee topic. It was a pretty interesting conversation.

Smith and Walker were key behind-the-scenes leaders for the 2019 class. Walker was asked if he felt there could be any prospects like that who could continue that role for the 2020 group.

He didn’t name Bresee as a guy like that. But simply hoped things would work out where they might be teammates one day.

“Right now the one main person in the 2020 class I am looking at is Bryan Bresee,” Walker said. “I’ve been close with him since ‘The Opening’ and we’ve just got a great bond. He’s one of the guys I consider like Nolan as one of my best friend type guys. He’s just been there. I’ve been there for him whenever he needed me.”

“He hits me up with recruiting and if he needs help. If he needs help with his recruiting process, he will just hit me up and we go from there.”

Yet Walker said he’s able to put his team affiliation aside with that.

“I won’t pressure anybody into making a decision they have to make for their own self,” he said. “I can’t speak for any one else. But I will just tell him that [UGA] is a great place. He can see for himself that it is a great place and everything else is just going to come.”

When and if Bresee takes an official to UGA this year, it is a safe bet to assume that Smith and Walker will volunteer to serve as his hosts.

Then things will really get interesting.


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