Lane Kiffin, Jordan Davis highlight what we learned on day 2 of 2021 SEC Media Day

SEC Media Days-Lane Kiffin-Jordan Davis
Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin speaks to the media during the 2021 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days on July 20,2021 at the Wynfrey Hotel,Hoover,Alabama. (Jimmie Mitchell/SEC)
Jimmie Mitchell

HOOVER, Ala. — On Tuesday it was reported that Nick Saban had mentioned that his quarterback Bryce Young had a name, image and likeness deal that was nearly $1 million.

Lane Kiffin could not believe it.

“I believe there was something about someone didn’t have Tebow at First Team All-SEC,” Kiffin said. “As usual, I was accused of that (laughter). So I brought my ballot to show everyone, to show Urban.”

Jordan Davis hates vegetables

If Kiffin was the star coach of the day, then Davis was the star player in terms of generating the highest entertainment value.

The star defensive tackle touched on a number of topics on Tuesday, ranging from why he came back to Georgia for another season to how he’s going about keeping his weight down.

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Davis dropped a real gem when talking about his diet and vegetables.

“Definitely, the weight, I’m trying to keep control of it,” Davis said. “I’m doing more things. I’m drinking smoothies. I’m drinking vegetables. I hate vegetables, but I put them in a smoothie and drink them.”

Paschall completed treatment for the cancer in August of 2019 and has emerged as an important piece of the Kentucky defense since then.

The Kentucky defensive end had been asked to share some of his favorite memories with regards to him speaking about his experience. One of those came back in 2019 when he got to appear on NBC’s Today.

And during that appearance, he also got a chance to meet Jennifer Lopez.

“I’ll set the scene for everybody, all right? I was outside the dressing room because all the famous people and the actual commentators are right there. So J.Lo keeps coming in and out. So my mom, she keeps fan-girling and everything. She loves J.Lo. And I’m like, all right, it’s not that big of a deal, but in my mind, I’m thinking it’s J.Lo, it’s J.Lo, it’s J.Lo. I keep seeing her.

So she’s changing because she’s performing that day. She’s changing, and she’s coming back, and she’s walking up the stairs, and I just look up. I was looking at the stairs, and I look up, and we make complete eye contact. And she winked at me. I hope that wink was real because I’ve been telling this story ever since it happened. When I tell you I melted, I melted.

- Josh Paschal, Kentucky defensive end.

Josh Heupel ready for transfer portal question

New Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel knew it was coming. Given the Volunteers have seen 20 players transfer to other schools and still have several members actively in the transfer portal, Heupel knew it wouldn’t take long to get to questions about his roster.

“Our SID and I had a bet what was going to be the first question,” Heupel said. “I tried to hedge off the transfer portal before it got started, but I’m glad you came right back to it.”

Some of Tennesse’s top players, such as linebacker Henry To’o To’o, running back Eric Gray and offensive tackle Wanya Morris, left the program after the end of the Jeremy Pruitt era.

Heupel will now be in charge of picking up the pieces off that mess as the Volunteers attempt to rebuild. Tennessee went 3-7 last season, which played a part in Heupel coming over from Central Florida.

The transfer portal hasn’t just been one way for Heupel, with the Volunteers adding a handful of impact transfers such as former Michigan quarterback Joe Milton and Alabama cornerback Brandon Turnage.

Those transfers will be key in the massive rebuilding process that Heupel is set to embark on.

“I think for us long term, the benefits of the eight pieces that we’ve added here after spring ball is a majority of those guys have multiple years and will be able to help our roster as we move forward as well,” Heupel said.

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