MOBILE, Ala. — Brock Bowers is not physically at the Senior Bowl, but he’s present in plenty of conversations.

There hasn’t been hotter tight end prospect in recent history than Bowers, whose abilities transcend the position.

Bowers, Georgia’s All-American tight end and a projected Top 10 pick, remains one of the most talked about players in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Jim Nagy, who spent 20 years as an NFL scout before become the Senior Bowl executive director, said Bowers is as close to a lock as there is in the 2024 NFL Draft.

“He’s a no-brainer, everyone loves him,” Nagy said. “Whoever gets him will get a special player.”

Still, it seems there’s a some critical narrative floating around for every projected first-round pick.

Nagy, however, said those trying to criticize Bowers for being anything less than physical at the tight end position have it wrong.

“I’ve heard some bad narratives in the draft media of comparisons to Kyle Pitts and he’s like an F tight end,” Nagy said, breaking down the first UGA player likely to be selected in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft on April 25.

“But you’ve seen this kid block, he’ll put his face on you, he’s tough, he’s not like some of these guys, glorified receivers.

“I think he’s an all-around football player, he’s a weapon. Georgia did a great job using him in jet sweep game, he has that running back background in high school.”

Nagy said any team can benefit from adding a player like Bowers, but one in particular would become devastating if they were to add him to their group of playmakers.

“I’d love to see him go to Kyle Shanahan or someone like that,” Nagy said. “God bless the league if that ever happened.

“He’s such a weapon and such a great player. ….. ‚that kid was ready to go to the NFL as a true freshman, he wouldn’t have been a first rounder two years ago, but he would have been drafted as a true freshman, no question about it.”