ATHENS — Georgia co-defensive coordinator Glenn Schumann is very much a Kirby Smart disciple. He spoke about the importance of setting the standard at Georgia and reference the Henry David Thoreau’s quote about finding success. In speaking with the media on Tuesday, Schumann was also hesitant to dole out individual praise or share too much of the inner workings of the defense.

However, in Schumann’s explanations, you get why he emphasizes the importance of a team concept. As opposed to just singling out a handful of individuals.

“At the end of the day, the only way to actually be good on defense as a unit is to be a team,” Schumann said. “You’ll see. Great defensive players, sometimes you’ll see, hey how do they have that guy and they weren’t overly successful on defense. Our guys, no matter who that has been, have taken pride in that aspect and we do as a staff.”

The Georgia defense is very much taking that same approach when it comes to the role of coordinating the defense this year. Schumann and Will Muschamp both have the co-defensive coordinator title. Even within the defensive coaching staff, this year’s group of coaches is more segmented. Muschamp is working with the safeties and stars, while Fran Brown is working solely with the cornerbacks.

Both Schumann and Muschamp were asked about how the defensive responsibilities would be divided up this year. While Schumann was more toned down than the enthusiastic Muschamp in their responses, they both largely agreed on how this defense will look.

“You can’t have one person do everything. You have to share responsibility,” Schumann said. “Titles and people, things of that nature change. What remains the same is when we go into that room, whether it be as a full staff or a defensive staff, we’re working towards getting on the same page and figuring out what is best for the team. The majority of what we do is cooperative on a day-to-day basis.”

Schumann is the longest-tenured member of the Georgia defensive staff. He’s also one of the youngest, as he is just 32 years old. He’s spent the past six seasons at Georgia, turning the inside linebacker room into an NFL factory. Those results have helped him earn a raise and title bump, along with national recognition as one of the best position coaches in America.

But it wasn’t until Muschamp got a chance to see Schumann work up close during the 2021 season that the former Florida and South Carolina head coach gained a full appreciation of Schumann’s abilities.

“We have a great working relationship. Glenn’s promotion, in my opinion, is very well deserved,” Smart said. “He’s an outstanding football coach, he’s extremely bright, he has a great rapport with his players.”

Muschamp is the oldest staffer on Georgia’s defense, but you might not know based on his media appearances. He very much brings the energy he so often displayed on the sidelines at Florida and South Carolina that earned him the nickname Coach Boom.

Schumann appreciates the experience Muschamp brings to this coaching staff. But the latter isn’t using his reputation to big-time or show up any other member of the staff. That’s an aspect of Muschamp’s personality that Schumann really appreciates.

“He brings a wealth of experience. He’s a great staff guy,” Schumann said. “Really enjoy working with not just him but our whole defensive staff in general. As much as we ever have. He brings a sense of comradery, professionalism, experience. He’s a great sounding board for ideas. For as much success he has had in his career, he’s extremely humble at the same time. I think humility shows a lot about who a person is.”

There’s an eagerness to see how the Schumann and Muschamp partnership plays out. This is the first time Georgia has delegated the defensive coordinator responsibilities that way. The extra brain power could certainly be helpful given all that Georgia has to replace on the defensive side of the ball this year.

Both coaches agree it will be a collaborative effort to replace Nakobe Dean, Jordan Davis and others. But they’re glad they each have the other to navigate the challenge.

“He has a very good understanding of what we do defensively, how we adjust things out,” Muschamp said of Schumann. “He’s always looking for a better way to do it and always researching those things and what we can do to get better in those situations. But I’ve really enjoyed working with Glenn because of the football intelligence he has and the passion he brings to the job every single day. Those things are really important because the players see that, and they understand how invested he is in them.”

Glenn Schumann discusses his partnership with Will Muschamp as Georgia football co-defensive coordinators

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