Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett (13), shown here in a 2020 matchup with Florida, has impressed Kirby Smart in recent spring football workouts. (Photo by Matt Stamey)
Matt Stamey

Special delivery: Kirby Smart talks about Georgia quarterbacks, high on Stetson Bennett

ATHENS — Stetson Bennett is at the top of his game and the Georgia quarterback room is in a good position from Kirby Smart’s point of view.

“Stetson has taken on the role we’ve asked him to do, (and) he’s been a good leader,” Smart said. “He’s playing the best football he’s played since being here and continues to get better.”

The Bulldogs’ seventh-year head coach reflected on the team’s Saturday scrimmage following Tuesday’s practice, the 10th of the 15 allotted for the spring session.

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“Stetson has taken some really good quality reps here in the scrimmage, he’s been really consistent this spring, very comfortable,” Smart said. “When things break down, he doesn’t have to go make a play like he used to think he had to go make a play — he makes a good throw, or he runs the ball, usually those are two really good positive things that Stetson’s done.

“He’s been really consistent this spring doing that, and he doesn’t have the snafus that we used to have because he tried to force the ball.”

Here are three more takeaways from Smart’s comments on Bennett and the quarterbacks from the press conference on Tuesday:

Clearing the air

Smart shared one week into spring drills (March 23) how he was challenging the 24-year-old Bennett to be at his best:

“We have high expectations for Stetson, but we also have high standards for what we expect Stetson to do in terms of leading our offense, going to class, and doing the right thing. We are still challenging him to do those things.”

Smart said that day he wanted Bennett to “take out some of the ‘bone-head’ throws, some of the ‘bone-head’ mistakes that he sometimes makes.”

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Smart indicated on Tuesday that the previous messages shouldn’t be construed as anything more than setting high expectations.

“I’m challenging him to do what exactly what every player is challenged to do, right? Be the best leader, go to class, make good decisions, that’s not really far-fetched for anybody,” Smart said. “I challenge somebody every day.”

Indeed, Smart’s nature as a fierce competitor, and his direct approach to winning football, have been driving forces in developing a championship program.

Brock and Carson

Carson Beck was No. 2 in line at quarterback in Saturday’s scrimmage with Brock Vandagriff No. 3, but Smart wouldn’t elaborate on how much separation there is between those players.

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“The other two guys have gotten a lot of work with both the ones and twos, (and) I’ve been really pleased with both and where those guys are,” Smart said. “It’s just amazing how far they’ve come from last year to right now … they have come so far.

“I love getting to watch them play with both of those groups because you see their strengths when they get to go with those groups. We’re in good position at that position, and each one is developing.”

Playmaking Bennett

Smart said he wants to see the quarterbacks continue to make plays and show consistency in Scrimmage Two, reiterating how Bennett did just that last Saturday.

“Make good decisions, can you do it consistently, can you make plays consistently if things break down?” Smart said, asked what he wanted to see in Scrimmage Two next Saturday.

“(Bennett) made two or three plays in the scrimmage with his feet that I don’t how many guys can make, he’s elusive. He’s not live, so it’s hard to measure that, (but) it will be play within the offense, play within the system.

“Stetson’s not going out there (to ) run 35 times and rush for 300 yards, so

He’s got to play quarterback, he’s got to deal the ball and get it to the right playmakers around him.

“We’re not playing with a fully loaded offense gun, so he’s having to do it with the guys we’ve got, and I think he’s doing a good job.”

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