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Casey Poe: Prized 4-star Texas OL says Georgia football checks every box and he can see himself in Athens

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This rep has the latest with 4-star IOL Casey Poe. He ranks as the nation’s No. 8 IOL and the No. 148 overall prospect on the 247Sports Composite ratings. The On3 Industry Ranking has him as the No. 9 IOL in the country and the No. 154 overall recruit.


Get Casey Poe talking about his treasured late grandmother Pat Poe’s homemade ice cream.

That is really something.

“She was a rock to our entire family,” Casey Poe said. “One of the nicest ladies you will ever meet. Great cook. I blame her for me turning out to be an O-lineman because Dadgummit that lady could cook.”

There are few things in this life he has a higher opinion of than her ice cream. The University of Georgia is trying to get way up there in Pat Poe’s ice cream territory. She made it with a hand-crank ice cream maker.

The peach batch came after “Gigi” picked up fresh peaches on the border of Alabama. That was when the Poes were on the way to the beach.

“I swear she put three bags of sugar into every homemade ice cream she made,” Poe said.

He was about 11 years old. Poe said he will never have a better bowl of ice cream. Poe was committed to his Gigi’s peach ice cream.

Could he also one day be committed to the G?

The ‘Dawgs hosted him last weekend for a crucial leadoff official. Poe’s view of that trip was that the ‘Dawgs crushed it.

There are expected trips to Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Texas Tech and Oklahoma to go. This is far from over. Yet Poe saw enough good stuff in Athens to know he would thrive as a Bulldog.

This visit answered every question he had. With authority. Can he already see himself in Athens?

“I could,” Poe said. “I could see myself in Athens.”

If he does choose the back-to-back national champs, he said he can already place his finger on the exact reason why.

That pinpoint was because of a man with a mullet and a mustache. Give a hat tip to redshirt junior OG Tate Ratledge here.

“I’ve got to give him credit,” Poe said. “Tate did his job this weekend. If I had to think back and think about what was the big draw, Tate did what he is supposed to do. He sold me on Georgia football. He did a great job of painting a picture of what it could be like. If I had to go with any one person [at Georgia] who made it such a great visit, it would probably be Tate.”

Ratledge proved he’s more than a road grader and a YouTube co-host. He hosted Poe and made sure all things Georgia hit the bullseye with the Poe family.

“He was great,” Poe said. “He kind of showed me something real. Everyone likes to say that Georgia is a machine. They bring players in and expect you to do this, this and this and if you don’t work out then they are kicking you out. No relationships. Cold-hearted.”

“Now, that’s just not the way it was. Tate said he had a relationship with everybody. There wasn’t a single person on the team he couldn’t talk to and you know just be friends with. Then I saw some of his film. He’s a ‘Dawg. He’s still getting it done on the field. He represented Georgia in a great way.”

“He showed me there is going to be some hard work. Georgia is not going to be fun per se, but if you go in and you do your time and put in the work then it will be a really enjoyable experience.”

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