Georgia captain Chris Smith: Senior Bowl ‘a blessing,’ eager to compete and solidify draft stock

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Chris Smith is one of the Georgia All-Americans who will be eligible for the College Football Hall of Fame. Smith's leadership and consistency have made him one of the best in UGA history.

MOBILE, Ala. — The “G” on the helmet wasn’t enough for Georgia defensive star Chris Smith, who also opted to wear the Bulldogs’ football pants.

That’s just fine for Georgia fans, as they have watched Smith grow into an NFL prospect over the past three seasons by representing everything the football program is supposed to be all about.

“Warren (McClendon) is a really hard worker. I definitely spoke with him, we had a private moment, and he’s in my thoughts and prayers.”

Smith looked as consistent and effective as ever on Tuesday, blanketing receivers and knocking down passes in his vicinity.

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It has been a matter of mental toughness.

“Just trying to stay level headed,” Smith said. “I have emotions, but when I step on the field, it’s time for work and business, and I try to put that behind me and focus on those things.”

Smith said he’s confident that back in Athens the program will be equipped to work its way through the tough times, too.

“I just know they are sticking together,” Smith said. “Everything will be all right.”

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