Georgia football continued to practice on Wednesday ahead of its game against Charleston Southern. Below you can find live updates, the latest injury report and practice news for the Week 12 game.

The Bulldogs are heavy favorites this week, as they are the No. 1 team in the country taking on an FCS foe.

Georgia football-Charleston Southern: Live updates, practice news

6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 16 update: Georgia wide receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint and offensive tackle Xavier Truss are set to meet with reporters.

  • “I credit that to everybody on the offensive line. If it wasn’t for them, they help build my confidence and make sure I’m ready to play.” -- Truss on playing
  • “The transition to guard, it took some getting used to at first. Last year we had Ben and he didn’t have an excuse. If they needed me at center, I’d get in there at center.” -- Truss on playing center.
  • Truss mentions he’s teammates with former Michigan defensive end Kwity Paye, which helped him become recruitable.
  • “I have a lot of things I can work on. My teammates help me be cool and collected. I think as a unit we played well. I’m glad we went into that hostile environment and got the job done.” -- Truss on his performance against Tennessee.
  • “If there was something I wasn’t 100 percent confident in, he’d steer me in the right direction. He helped a lot.” -- Truss on Warren Ericson.
  • “Couple of things I need to improve on, keeping me base. I know there was a play I got bumped off a linebacker and into Zamir. Keeping my head back in pass protection.” -- Truss on pass protection.
  • “I had never played guard before this season. When Tate went down with an injury, we needed more versatile players and I’ve been at guard ever since.” -- Truss on playing guard
  • “As of right now he is getting back into the swing of things. He’s looked pretty fluid. I don’t know how far is to being 100 percent but he’s on his way to being there soon.” -- Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint on George Pickens.
  • “His speeches are heartfelt. He’s just trying to get us back in the game and finish it off.” -- Rosemy-Jacksaint on Kirby Smart halftime speeches.
  • “As more guys come back and get healthy, we’ll have more opportunities to get healthy and make plays and keep doing what we’ve been doing.” -- Rosemy-Jacksaint on the injuries at wide receiver.
  • “It’s a blessing for them. To go through the grind, going through those summer and fall workouts. They really are my big brothers and have helped grow as a person and player.” -- Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint on the Georgia seniors.

6 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 16 update: Georgia coach Kirby Smart is set to meet with the media, as will defensive back Dan Jackson and defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt.

  • “Kendall is back running. Think he got up to 10 to 15 miles per hour yesterday. Doubtful that we get him back this week but optimistic we can get him back against Georgia Tech.” -- Smart on Kendall Milton
  • “Xavier has a lot of ability.” -- Smart on Xavier Truss.
  • “I’ve seen Brock a lot up close. He’s simulated a lot of guys that we have. Really athletic. Makes throws on the run. He likes going up against that defense each day. He’s done a really good job. He hasn’t had as many reps as before. I’ve been very pleased in both of them.” -- Kirby Smart on Carson Beck and Brock Vandagriff.
  • “I was frustrated with yesterday’s practice. It was the first time there was a relaxed atmosphere on a Monday. I don’t know if that was a relief from the Tennessee game but it was better today. It still wasn’t where our Tuesday practices need to be.” -- Smart on the first two practices.
  • “Devonte is extremely competitive. He hates losing. He probably gets angrier than Jordan. Sometimes you have to support Devonte tell him things are going to be ok. They have very different personalities. Their decision to come back was most impactful of everybody. They probably had the highest grade of anyone that came back.” -- Smart on Devonte Wyatt.
  • “When I first realized it was the first game. Will (Muschamp) said they were going to be special.” -- Smart on the defensive front and realizing how good they were going to be.
  • “You can’t read too much into it. He had a couple of explosive moves. The first run for a touchdown he made an incredible cut.” -- Smart on James Cook.
  • “They do a tremendous job. It was a game, let’s be honest, we were lucky to win. We didn’t play real well and that probably is a credit to them. I haven’t seen them play this year. I don’t know how their scores have been.” -- Smart on Cincinnati.
  • “We were doing a lot of good on good. He’s been going against our 1 defense one. He’s really doing the same thing he did last week, just probably more of it and more reps. He’s still in a non-contact jersey.” -- Smart on George Pickens.
  • “They were tested. They had good players. We definitely got tested. When you play the style of play that we played last week. If anything last week gave us more confidence.” Smart on the Georgia secondary.
  • “The only way to do that is reps. REally fast reps. Go out there and do it. You can’t do it at the speed of the game.”
  • “Dom has bounced back but he’s been dealing with the flu bug. Was not with us yesterday or today.” -- Smart on Domincik Blaylock.
  • “Early people tried to make it a distraction, but our guys have managed it. To be honest I haven’t thought about it since you all have stopped asking questions about it.” -- Smart on playing with the No. 1 ranking.

12 p.m., Monday Nov. 15 update: Georgia football coach Kirby Smart will meet with the media at 12 p.m. ET, with players following to preview the game against Charleston Southern.

  • “Thought they really pushed through in some tough, adverse situations. Last home game for a lot of seniors. Meant a lot to our program, a lot to our team. I can’t thank these guys for what they’ve done for this program.” -- Smart on the state of the team
  • “We had the same thing last. We basically said if you’re fourth year or beyond, you’ll walk. So we’re going to honor those guys that choose to walk. But we’re not crossing that bridge yet. If they walk twice, then great, they’ve got a special opportunity. That does not include third-year juniors.” -- Smart on the senior day protocol.
  • “I’ve spoken to Adam but that’s the extent of it. I can’t say much more.” -- Smart on Adam Anderson
  • “I don’t know if any lead is safe on them. You have to be careful because they scored 21 points on 13 plays.” -- Smart on playing Georgia starters late in the game.
  • “It’s not disruptive, it’s just the nature of the beast. We’re dealing with some of the repercussions of it now. We’ve got 7 or 8 guys who won’t be able to practice today but they should be back tomorrow.” -- Smart on how players are dealing with the flu.
  • “Resillent. They’ve been through a lot. They’ve had some ups and downs. Very high quality leaders. They don’t know the mark they’re leaving right but they’ll be very proud of what they did at Georgia. I’m really proud of how they pushed through.” -- Smart on the senior class.
  • “Chris hasn’t cross-trained much and he didn’t practice much at star until last week. Brini has to be a safety, Cine has to be a money. Kamari has to be able to play star and corner.” -- Smart on cross training in the secondary.
  • “It’s a see-saw. Do I believe these programs need these games to survive. Yeah I do. It funds sometimes 25 percent, 50 percent of their budget.” -- Smart on FCS games.
  • “I am all about promoting the game of football.” -- Kirby Smart.
  • “Arian is going to be out and I don’t for how long. He had a fracture in his leg. No kid has been through what he’s been through. And then this happens. It was a weird deal, was running routes nad just banged legs with another guy.”
  • “Dom is a little sick but under the weather. We’re going to get Dom back, it’s just going to be about him executing and be able to play.”
  • “Jamaree wasn’t quite able to play last week. It bothered him a little. We think he’s going to clear this week. Nolan should be fine, he’s got an elbow that’s dinged up. Devonte had a scare during the game but he should be fine.” -- Smart on injury updates.
  • “He’s the guy that is repping with the twos. He’s continuing to work and get better. He does a good job in good-on-good. Both these guys are playing well right now.” -- Smart on JT Daniels.
  • “He’s been repping almost exclusively at guard. He’s continued to get better there. He does give us a lot of size. It’s good he got to get in that action. He got to play in a tough environment, like Broderick. He’s got ID things, protection things he’s got to clean up.” -- Smart on Xavier Truss.
  • “I think it’s really important. They need confidence. the guys in front of them need reps too.” -- Smart on the importance of injured players getting reps.

Georgia players Justin Shaffer and Jordan Davis also previewed the game.

The Georgia Bulldogs have already wrapped up SEC play following a 41-17 win over Tennessee. The win moved the Bulldogs to 10-0 on the season and 8-0 in SEC play.

The final two games of the regular season will have Georgia taking on non-conference foes, with the first being a game against Charleston Southern, an FCS team. The Buccaneers are 4-5 on the season.

Saturday will also be the final home game of the season for the Bulldogs. It will give the school a chance to honor the many seniors on the team, such as James Cook, Chris Smith, Channing Tindall and Jordan Davis. Georgia did not have a senior day last season, as its game against Vanderbilt was canceled due to complications with COVID-19 within the Vanderbilt program.

Given the opponent, this game should also be an opportunity to play some younger players, though as Florida showed against Samford you can’t take a team lightly at all.

Georgia will be doing some scoreboard watching this weekend, as a win for Alabama clinches the SEC West for the Crimson Tide. Nick Saban’s team is one of the few teams playing a conference game this week, with Alabama hosting Arkansas. Georgia beat Arkansas 37-0 earlier in the season.

Georgia football injury report for Charleston Southern

Dominick Blaylock (questionable, knee/flu), Jamaree Salyer (questionable, foot), George Pickens (doubtful, knee), Kendall Milton (doubtful, knee), Arian Smith (out, knee), Tykee Smith (out, knee), Trezmen Marshall (out, knee), Rian Davis (out, quad), Jalen Kimber (out, shoulder), Tate Ratledge (out, foot)

Georgia football-Charleston Southern game time

The Georgia football-Charleston Southern game time is set for 12 p.m.

Georgia football-Charleston Southern television network

The Georgia football-Charleston Southern game will air on SEC Network+/ESPN+. It will not be available on basic cable. To stream the game, go to the ESPN app on your phone or streaming device, sign using your cable provider and find the game in the app.

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