The Georgia Bulldogs continue to practice on Wednesday ahead of their final SEC game of the regular season against the Tennessee Volunteers. Below you can find updates on the latest injuries and practice news for the Week 11 game.

Georgia is the No. 1 team in the country and coming off a 43-6 win over Missouri. Tennessee picked up a road win over Kentucky last weekend, scoring 45 points in the process.

Georgia football-Tennessee live updates, practice news for Week 11 game

Wednesday, 6 p.m. update: Georgia center Sedrick Van Pran and wide receiver Kearis Jackson meet with reporters to preview the game against Tennessee.

  • “Every week, we’re looking to get better. That’s really just it honestly. We know we have a target on our back and people are trying to attack us.”-- Sedrick Van Pran on being the No. 1 team
  • “I always prepare to play. When I was practicing in fall camp, I didn’t know if I was going to play but I was practicing that I was going to play. I do think I’ve made some strides throughout the year. Now it’s about honing on small little details.” Sedrick Van Pran.
  • “It’s something I’m still learning to deal.” -- Van Pran on a cast on his hand. Says it has been there since the Auburn game.
  • “Guy is a beast. One of the twitchiest guys I know. Definitely helps get us better. He’s a commodity for us and gets us better.” -- Sedrick Van Pran on Jalen Carter.
  • “My message to Broderick was, he was made for this. We go against these great guys. This was something we worked for and something we want for him.” -- Sedrick Van Pran on Broderick Jones.
  • “There have been some weeks where we have rotated Broderick Jones in for Jamaree. It was more weird for us seeing him on the sideline. He’s made some huge strides this week. We’re wishing to get him back and for him to get well.” -- Sedrick Van Pran on Jamaree Salyer.
  • “Julian has worked his tail off to get back. We love the physicality he brings.” -- Kearis Jackson on Julian Rochester.
  • “He brings a lot of energy to the team.” -- Kearis Jackson on Nolan Smith.
  • “Right now Nolan has been holding it downplaying his tail off.” -- Kearis on Smith replacing Adam Anderson.
  • “George and Dom have done a great job with their treatment process.” -- Kearis Jackson said.
  • “With their process, they’re not trying to rush it.” -- Jackson and Dominick Blaylock and George Pickens.

Tuesday, 6 p.m. update: Georgia head coach Kirby Smart spoke with the media on Tuesday night, as did Ameer Speed and Dan Jackson.

  • Smart says offensive lineman Jamaree Salyer is able to put weight on his foot and is continuing to progress.
  • “Outside factors are nothing but distractions. They are for people that want to look for excuses.” -- Kirby Smart on the weather.
  • “Most guys base that decision on where they’re going to be drafted. I think it’s more about where they’re graded.” -- Smart on players deciding if they’re going to come back.
  • “We don’t believe in leaving any stone unturned. Field goal block is an extension of red zone defense. It’s another play on defense.” -- Smart on Georgia’s success blocking kicks this season.
  • “For whatever reason we’re not a great punt return right now. So if you can’t return them, you try and block them.” -- Smart on Georgia special teams.
  • “Darnell, Tykee, JT coming off his injury, Dom coming off his injury. There’s a process that has to happen. It’s hard because you have to get all the reps, the volume of reps. There’s only so much reps to get. George has done a little more work this week in practice than in the past.” -- Smart on the process of George Pickens returning to the field.
  • “We don’t know when he’s going to be ready. When he’s ready to play we’ll start getting him the reps.” -- Smart on George Pickens.
  • “His journey has been different than any other. I still remember the day we tried to get him back and sign him. I’m certainly glad we did and I’m glad he accepted it.” -- Smart on Stetson Bennett.
  • “He does a really good job of being aggressive. We’re very fortunate we have an abundance of reps on scout. We’ve had the scout team prepare them for this for weeks.” -- Smart on scout team.
  • “He’s probably not going to play this week. He is much closer. He’s looked good. His mental disposition has been great. I can’t say it’s been great. The kid is a warrior. He goes out and competes. He’s a leader. He’s done a great job.” -- Kirby Smart on Dominick Blaylock.
  • “They’re fast. And it’s very unique. It’s different. It’s like the triple option. You don’t see it everyday.” -- Smart on Tennessee’s speed.
  • “It’s a shot team and pound you team. At the end of the day they make it hard to defend. You just have to have a plan and execute the plan.” -- Smart on the Tennessee offense.
  • “I love going against George.” -- Ameer Speed on George Pickens.
  • “He’s the head honcho of his position. When he made the call, we just went out and executed it.” -- Speed on Dan Jackson.

Georgia football coach Kirby Smart is set to speak to the media at 12 p.m. ET today. Georgia players will also meet with the media.

  • “You can’t really simulate that in your practices. You’re always trying to find a different way to simulate that. You can’t simulate it with your team.” -- Smart on adjusting to Tennessee’s pace and tempo.
  • “Converting on third down, scoring from farther out. Usually in the red area when you can run the ball stubbornly, you can score touchdowns.” -- Smart on the struggles in scoring touchdowns in the red zone.
  • “Healthwise he seemed fine. He didn’t take any major hits. He had command of the offense. He did a really good job of being over there and seeing what those guys can do.” -- Smart on JT Daniels.
  • “He’s a tremendous athlete. Really hard to tackle. Big strong arm. We probably had our worst game in terms of tackling on Saturday.” -- Smart on defending quarterback runs as Georgia prepares for Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker.
  • “Jamaree may be able to go this week. We’re hoping to get him back. I thought Broderick did a nice job stepping in. He got to step in at a game at Auburn. Broderick has gotten a quantity of reps. He’s had no shortage of reps. He played well, he played hard.” -- Smart on Jamaree Salyer and Broderick Jones.
  • “I’m so proud of Julian. He’s worked so hard. He’s kind of been down there repping. He’s taken a lot of scout team reps. Last week we thought he had progressed to the point where he was getting quality reps done.” -- Smart on Julian Rochester
  • “I have no idea what the stars are nor do I care.” -- Kirby Smart on recruiting stars.
  • “It’s a rivalry game. Tennessee has all kind of rivals and we have all kind of rivals. There have been times when it’s lopsided. I do know this Josh is doing a really good job.” -- Kirby Smart on the Tennessee rivalry.
  • “The more he’s played the more his personality has come out. I appreciate the energy and enthaisum he brings out to practice every day.” -- Smart on Nolan Smith and his leadership.
  • “Dom repped with us last week on the scout team. It’s kind of like Julian. He had to go down and take reps. It’ll help us to take limited reps. The biggest setback we’ve had all year is not having those scout team receivers. That’s the hope. We’re still waiting to hear on George.” -- Kirby Smart on the receivers.
  • “I defer to coach Monken and coach Dell. Sometimes simpler is better. In terms of power and moving people.” -- Smart on Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis working on the goal line package.

Georgia players Lewis Cine, John FitzPatrick and Kenny McIntosh also met with reporters.

The Bulldogs will travel to Knoxville, Tenn., to take on the Tennessee Volunteers. This will be Georgia’s final SEC game, with the Bulldogs winning their previous seven games all by double digits.

Georgia is coming off a 43-6 win over Missouri this past Saturday, while the Volunteers pulled an upset over No. 18 Kentucky.

Tennessee is 5-4 under first-year head coach Josh Heupel, having no trouble putting points in the 45-42 win. The Volunteers rank 15th in the country in points per game at 38.2 points per game, just behind Georgia at 38.4.

Add in what should be a raucous environment at Neyland Stadium and this weekend has Smart’s full attention.

“They have a really good football team. I’ve been able to watch them play several weeks where we’ve either been off or had this early game,” Smart said. “They’ve actually played a lot better than some of their scores indicate. I’ve got a lot of respect for their team and how hard they play.”

With a win, Georgia would complete an unbeaten SEC schedule for the first time since 1982. The Bulldogs hold the No. 1 ranking in the AP and Coaches Poll as well as the College Football Playoff rankings as well. Georgia is one of just four unbeaten teams in college football, along with Oklahoma, Cincinnati and Houston.

Georgia football-Tennessee injury report

Ameer Speed (probable, ankle), Jamaree Salyer (questionable, foot), Justin Robinson (questionable, hamstring), Dominick Blaylock (doubtful, hamstring), Adam Anderson (out, suspension), George Pickens (out, ACL), Trezmen Marshall (out), Kendall Milton (out, MCL), Tykee Smith (out, ACL), Rian Davis (out, quad), Jalen Kimber (out, shoulder), Tate Ratledge (out, foot)

Georgia football-Tennessee game time

The Georgia football-Tennessee game is set for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff on Saturday.

Georgia football-Tennessee TV channel

CBS will air the Georgia football-Tennessee game.

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