The Georgia football team opens the 2023 season against UT-Martin in a Week 1 college football game. Below you can find information on the game time, tv channel how to stream the game, odds and more for the game.

Georgia opens the season as the No. 1 team in the country, having won back-to-back national championships.

Georgia football-UT Martin: Game time for Week 1 game

The Georgia football-UT Martin game is set for a 6 p.m. ET start time.

Georgia football-UT Martin: TV channel for Week 1 game

The Georgia football-UT Martin game will be broadcast on ESPN + and SEC Network +. Clay Matvick, Aaron Murray and Ashley ShahAhmadi are calling the game. The game against UT-Martin is not available on traditional TV and will have to be streamed.

How to stream Georgia football-UT Martin for Week 1 game

The Georgia football-UT Martin game can be streamed via SEC Network+/ESPN+. SEC Network+ is complementary to the SEC Network and accessible at no additional charge to SEC Network subscribers with a customer’s TV provider credentials. It can be accessed through the ESPN App on smartphones, tablets, connected streaming devices or via

To watch the game click here.

Odds for Georgia football-UT Martin Week 1 game

Georgia is a 44.5-point favorite against UT-Martin per BetMGM Sportsbook. Georgia went 8-7 against the spread last season.

What Georgia football coach Kirby Smart said about UT-Martin

On playing UT-Martin: Got a lot of respect for UT-Martin. Coach Simpson and his staff have done a tremendous job. When you talk about conference champs, which they’ve been, a lot of their stats are similar to ours in terms of being balanced. Really good on offense and really good on defense. We played teams from that conference and I know a lot of coaches from that conference. One of our coaches get his start there. His first job by coach Simpson. He knows their offensive coordinator really well and they’ve done a tremendous job with their program in terms of building it from the ground up. They’ve got a great foundation laid.

On UT-Martin scheme, any future fits down the road...

We look at them schematically and try to figure out who they are, what they’ve done. You watch all their games. You worry about yourself and try to improve the things you do yourself. That’s really important. First game of the year, you always look back at things that gave us problems because that’s probably what they’re looking at. You want to research and say, what have they done well, what have they done poorly, what have we done well, and what have we done poorly because we’re going to see some of that. They are a well coached, very good scheme team.

Offensively, they’re like everybody you play. There’s really nobody that’s different any more. It’s more of the same. You don’t see a triple option. So what do they do offensively? They’re very similar to everybody else with the ability to throw the ball on the perimeter, run RPOs, they run the ball well. They have plays they don’t block anybody on the interior and it doesn’t matter because the ball goes on the perimeter. They do a good job. Defensively, they’re similar to us. They can go three down, four down. They’re primarily out of an odd look, three down look and we get to look at that a lot because we do that defensively. We share ideas in terms of schematics when you watch us and them, their conference, you see some similarities there.”

How Carson Beck benefits from having Sedrick Van Pran and his experience...

“I would say familiarity. He knows that Sedrick has been there. It’s probably overrated because Carson understands fronts, coverages, pressures. He can (identify) protections, he can point runs, he can do a lot of different things. He doesn’t have to rely on Sedrick like maybe a new quarterback would because I don’t really just see Carson that way. He understands it. He gets it. He’s had a ton of reps. I think the fact that he’s got somebody who has played in big moments, somebody who has snapped the ball in tough environments is comforting but as far as what Sedrick provides for Carson, it’s probably reassurance.”