ATHENS — Kirby Smart doesn’t do depth charts, but the Georgia head coach is among the most transparent when it comes to availability, even when the news isn’t so great.

Smart was quick to update the press that freshmen Raylen Wilson is out indefinitely after suffering what’s believed to be a knee sprain, while receiver De’Nylon Morrissette is not practicing with the team.

Smart didn’t specify if Morrissette — who was arrested in May and charged with driving too fast for conditions, following too closely and DUI of drugs — was out on account of internal discipline.

“I don’t know what y’all call it; De’Nylon’s gonna join us when the school starts, and that’s Wednesday,” Smart said. “He’s been part of the team. He’s been with us, he’s just not practicing. He’s allowed to go to administrative programming, he’s allowed to go to a lot of programming we’ve got in place for him and the whole team.”

Projected starters Kendall Milton (hamstring), Kamari Lassiter (foot) and Smael Mondon (foot) did not take part in Scrimmage One.

Tailback Branson Robinson (foot), defensive tackle Tyrion Ingram Dawkins (foot) and cornerback Chris Peal (foot) were also out for the scrimmage.

Smart said receiver Rara Thomas has overcome the hamstring injury that slowed him early in fall drills and took part in the scrimmage.

Availability report

WR Rara Thomas (hamstring), available

Kirby Smart: “Rara did everything today. He was good. He had a hamstring spasm, not a pull. The practice you were at, he practiced, he just didn’t start with his position. He’s practiced each day, hasn’t missed a day, but he’s been held out of portions.”

OT Austin Blaske (illness), available

Kirby Smart: “Blaske has been battling some illness, some sickness, he got a little bit sick and there was one or two days he didn’t get to practice. When he’s been there he’s done really well, he’s been really competitive. I think the heat has been tough on him, he’s a fighter, he’s one of the toughest kids I’ve been around.”

CB Julian Humphrey (illness), available

Kirby Smart: “Julian [Humphrey] was a little under the weather, he was sick and cramping a little bit, so he played, but he had less reps .... "

SS Dan Jackson (hamstring), available

Kirby Smart: “Dan’s still been injured. He had a hamstring pull early in camp, like the first day and he’s been trying to battle back from that. He scrimmaged today but couldn’t go as much as he’d like to.”

LB Smael Mondon (foot), out

Kirby Smart: “Smael’s been great, man. He works really hard every day. When you’re dealing with that kind of injury, it’s a very sensitive injury. It’s one of those deals that we have to be patient with.”

CB Kamari Lassiter (foot), out

Kirby Smart: “Kamari is dying to get back, but Kamari needs work. He started for one year and he got to knock the rust and go out there and play too.”

RB Kendall Milton (hamstring), out

Kirby Smart: “Kendall is hopefully going to be fine.”

RB Branson Robinson (foot), out

Kirby Smart: “Branson goes in individuals. That’s what you’re seeing in the assumption he’s back. But he is not cleared to go yet. He’s on track to get back earlier than we originally thought, but he’s not back yet.”

DT Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins (foot), out

Kirby Smart: “Ty is much closer.”

WR De’Nylon Morrissette (other), out

Kirby Smart: “He’s been with us, he’s just not practicing. He’s allowed to go to administrative programming, he’s allowed to go to a lot of programming we’ve got in place for him and the whole team, so he does that each and every day.”

CB Chris Peal (foot), out

Kirby Smart: “Chris Peal’s got a turf toe that he’s been battling, trying his best to get back from. He’s not back yet.”

LB Raylen Wilson (knee), out

Kirby Smart: “Yeah Raylen had a hyperextended knee. As of right now, I would reserve judgement until we know for sure, but the ligaments are intact and hopefully he’ll be fine.”