ATHENS — Zion Logue did not want to answer the question. The Georgia defensive tackle made it clear he did not want to talk about Bear Alexander, instead focusing on the defensive linemen still with Georgia.

“Trusting each other and leaning on each other,” Logue said on where the defensive line improved the most this spring. “I think everybody was trying to do selfish things at one point in time. But as camp went on, we’ve all molded and gotten more close. And I like that.”

Hours before Georgia was set to begin its spring game, Alexander announced he would be entering the transfer portal. Given there aren’t many defensive linemen with Alexander’s talent in all of college football, the news came as a shock. No program has arguably done a better job of developing defensive linemen in recent seasons than Georgia.

Now, with Alexander in the transfer portal and most likely headed to USC, Georgia will have to lean on others in replacing not only Alexander but also star Jalen Carter.

Logue thinks Georgia has the guys to do so in the defensive line room.

“Just go back and look at the years,” Logue said. “We have at least six interior defensive tackles that played over triple-digit snaps. It makes it a lot easier when guys are fresher and able to play.”

Javon Bullard, a defensive leader whose voice carries a similar weight to that of Logue, was a bit more diplomatic when discussing Alexander. Though Bullard wasn’t totally sure why Alexander elected to transfer out of the program.

“I’m not really in the defensive line room so I don’t really know what that was about,” Bullard said. “I look forward to seeing him wherever he decides to go. We wish him the best.”

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Alexander de-committed from Georgia during the recruiting process, only for him to eventually re-commit and sign with Georgia. He had a promising freshman season, notching 3.0 tackles for loss and 2.0 sacks.

Kirby Smart weighed in on Alexander’s decision, chalking it up the way of modern college football.

“You know, that’s the way of the world. It’s who handles it and manages it best. It’s a new climate we’re in,” Smart said. “The window will open and all across the country there will be guys going in and looking for greener pastures. Ultimately the climate we have created and more power to them. We’ve got a lot of guys who have benefitted from the portal and I hope we benefit from the portal.”

Georgia’s defensive line, even without Alexander, still has plenty of talent. Logue, Warren Brinson and Naz Stackhouse have played a ton of football for Georgia. Mykel Williams did not play in the spring game, but he may be one of Georgia’s most talented players.

Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins, Jonathan Jefferson and Christen Miller all notched sacks on Saturday, showing that there is plenty of upside in the room going forward. The Bulldogs also got their first look at Jordan Hall and Jamaal Jarrett, who signed with Georgia as members of the 2023 recruiting class.

Smart stressed that Hall, a 5-star prospect, is still a young player. But one who might be able to help the team this season. Provided he keeps making the necessary strides.

“They’re just young. It’s okay to be young. They have a ways to go and I think they’ll get there,” Smart said of Hall and fellow 5-star freshman defender Damon Wilson. “I think both of those guys will contribute and help us next season. I’m very pleased with where they are and how hard they work but they’re not there yet.”

The transfer portal will remain open through April 30. Alexander likely won’t be the last Georgia player to enter the portal. But given the timing and potential impact, it’s hard to imagine a more surprising decision.

And even with that in mind, Georgia is probably going to be just fine. Especially on the defensive line.

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