ATHENS — NFL Hall of Famer Terry Robiskie sees a key similarity in Kirby Smart and Super Bowl championship coach Andy Reid.

“You can tell they are great coaches, but they are great because they are never satisfied,” Robiskie said during the Ingles On The Beat Show on DawgNation Monday night.

“They’re never sitting on their hands and saying, ‘ok, I got this. I got one, I got two (championships), let’s ride into the sunset.’ "

To that effect, Smart recently brought in two new analysts who previously worked for other championship coaches in former Clemson offensive coordinator Brandon Streeter and former Texas A&M offensive coordinator Darrell Dickey.

Robiskie, a part of eight different NFL coaching staffs over his 38-year NFL coaching career, has been in the room as the new guy and as a staff member welcoming new coaches.

“They’ll tweak a couple of things, they may add a couple things,” Robiskie said, asked what the analysts might bring. “But as a whole, they aren’t going to change the program or change what Kirby is doing.”

Robiskie said he has kept his eye on Smart’s career, as he has risen to become “That Guy” in college football.

“Kirby is always looking for a way to evolve, always trying to keep it loose, trying to keep it friendly, trying too keep his guys relaxed,” Robiskie said, “and he’s consistently trying to win one more, forget those two I’ve got, let’s go get one more.

“At the end of the day, he’s trying to be a Phil Jackson, he’s trying to leave with about 20 of them,” he said, comparing him to the 11-time NBA championship coach.

“By the time I leave Georgia I want 20 of them, and if he’s got to add guys to bring in new fresh ideas, he will consistently do that. That’s going to happen all the time. That’s what great coaches do.”

Robiskie also discussed the NFL futures of Jalen Carter and Stetson Bennett, along with his thoughts on if Smart would or should one day work in the NFL.