ATHENS — Kirby Smart checked the boxes after Georgia’s annual G-Day Scrimmage on Saturday afternoon.

• The defense had its best scrimmage

• Carson Beck came up big in the clutch

• Team health is optimal, in terms of injuries

All that said, there’s a long and hard offseason ahead for the Bulldogs, who will enter next season as odds-on favorites to win the national title.

“The job isn’t done, we’re not where we need to be,” Smart said after his team’s divided units played to a 20-20 tie.

“We just don’t get to practice anymore, you get to do other things. We’ll get back to work on Monday.”

Smart said “you’re not going to get there watching spring game tape,” but he shared plenty of thoughts in the postgame about a scrimmage he aimed to make as game-like as possible.

“Next time we put on those uniforms, it’ll be for real,” Smart said. “We’ll be playing in Atlanta against a really good opponent (Clemson).

“We’re kind of where we’ve got guys that have gotten a lot of work and a lot of reps — fifth-year, fourth-year guys. But then we’ve got about 40 guys that are in their first year. The discrepancy between old and young is really great.”

Smart indicated one of the team goals this summer is for that gap to shrink.

The Saturday scrimmage was a big step in that direction with four players, in particular, standing out:

Mykel Williams had six tackles, two pass break-ups and an interception off one of his tipped passes.

“First and foremost, he’s been …. present — he’s been able to practice,” Smart said. “He had (missed) spring practice last year, he missed some practices. He had fall camp last year, he missed some practices.

“I explained to him, if you want to have a really good year, you want to have a really good camp. He’s kind of bought into that.”

Carson Beck orchestrated a four-play, 70-yard, game-tying touchdown drive in the final minute, showing his poise and NFL arm.

“He’s got really good moxy out on the field, he never got pressed or frustrated even today,” Smart said. “He drove the team down, made some really elite throws there at the end to get us a chance to tie the ball game.

“He knows how to navigate a pocket, he knows where to go with the ball, there’s nothing he hasn’t seen on defense. I’m happy with where he is. I want him to continue to grow as a leader.”

Trevor Etienne had explosive runs of 18 and 17 yards (the 17-yarder called back), along with 3 catches for 33 yards, with 30 of those yards coming after the catch.

“He’s quick in and out of the hole, (and) he’s different than what we’ve had,” Smart said. “I think the (D’Andre) Swift analogy is good, the (James) Cook analogy is good.

“He’s really taken a lot of personal pride in working on his protection. He had a nice pick up today. He’s learning the offense. Look, the guy’s been a good SEC player for two years. It’s not like he’s a freshman. He’s a really good player and a really good kid. I’ve been proud of the way he’s his deal.”

Dominic Lovett had 7 catches for 104 yards, including a spectacular 11-yard touchdown catch in the back corner of the end zone.

Smart has shared how Lovett has been consistent and is among the leaders of a mature receiving group.

“When you throw RaRa (Thomas), Dillon (Bell), Arian (Smith), and Dom out there, it gives you, what they are is the bullies,” Smart said. “They bully you on special teams. They lead, they show toughness.

“That’s usually your defensive back group. For us, right now it’s our wideouts.”