Georgia football-Florida live updates, injury news, practice notes for Week 9 game

Georgia football-Florida-live updates-injury news-practice notes-week 9
Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart cheers on the team before they run onto the field before their game against the Vanderbilt Commodores at Sanford Stadium, Saturday, October 15, 2022, in Athens, Ga. (Jason Getz /

No. 1 ranked Georgia football takes on the Florida Gators in a week 9 college football game. Below you can find live updates, the latest injury news as well as practice notes for the rivalry game.

Both teams were off this past weekend. This will be the first time Kirby Smart and Billy Napier match up against each other. The two overlapped for three seasons at Alabama.

Georgia football-Florida live updates, practice notes

6:20 p.m. update: Georgia coach Kirby Smart is set to speak to reporters. Jamon Dumas-Johnson and Zion Logue will follow.

On the team’s practice today compared to yesterday…

“A lot better day today than Monday. I didn’t think Monday was great. With getting back out there and getting going, I thought it took a little while to get her motors running. You haven’t had a practice with Friday, Saturday, Sunday off and then they go back out there for a Monday practice, they didn’t have the tempo I wanted to have. But today was much better. I thought they got after today, and that’s kind of the expectation. You’re playing a rivalry like this, you expect guys to come out ready to play and practice, and they did.”

On how Nolan Smith has excelled this season outside of the stat sheet…

“Leadership, toughness. Nolan is a natural leader. He’s been that way since I met him when he was in eighth grade and he came up here to camp. He’s been a natural leader, comes from a great family, but his leadership is more important than his ability and his ability is pretty strong. He creates a toughness about the he holds people to a standard of the way you strike blocks, the way you close on counters, the way you rush with effort, special teams, I mean, he plays on all special teams. He’s just a core guy.”

On Dan Jackson…

“Yeah, he’s got a foot injury, that he’s probably going to have surgery on. It was bothering him in the Vanderbilt game. I’m not sure when that surgery is going to take place. I know Ron Courson knows, he wasn’t able to go with this much last week and hasn’t been able to go much this week.”

On the 25th anniversary of Kirby’s interception against Kentucky with a dog running on the field…

“A lot of passes. I don’t remember much. I think somebody said they broke a record for passes in one game, maybe. But I don’t even remember the dog running on the field to be honest with you. I remember the passes and us winning a tight, hard-fought, tight ballgame, like all these SEC games seem to be.”

On Florida’s designed run plays for quarterback Anthony Richardson…

“It’s not actually the designed running plays that he kills people on, he’s good at that and he’s physical. They get an extra hat on you whenever he runs the ball. They don’t design run him a lot, I think they do it when they have to, when they need to win a game they’ll certainly do it. But I think they value him and they know that you can’t take that kind of pounding over and over again in our league. So, they don’t kill people with those, it’s the scrambles. It’s the draws, the converted runs, where he takes off that  he’s really elite at. I mean, they’ve got some 60 and 70 yard runs that you might say is a designed run, but it’s not. It makes it really hard to defend, because most coaches try to defend the pass by covering people and the worst thing you can do sometimes is cover everybody and this guy take off because it puts your defense all spread out around the field.”

On who will have to step up with Dan Jackson out…

“Well, Malaki Starks and Chris Smith are starting, so they’re there. Dan was playing someone a dime roll which, if you remember last year, we couldn’t play dime. We didn’t play dime much at all. With our depth at defensive back, David Daniel-Sisavanh is a guy that will step up and play. Javon Bullard and Tykee Smith both work and rep all the time at safety. JaCorey Thomas has been repping all year at safety. So, it’ll be done by committee with all those guys.”

On Andrew Paul’s recovery…

“He’s doing good. I get to visit with him once or twice a week in the Bones Dining Hall area, and he’s quiet kid. So, you always worry about a guy when he’s not with the team as much when he’s injured. But he’s rehabbing. He couldn’t be with a better athletic training staff. I know Ron has got a great history with the ACL recoveries and expecting him to come back stronger than ever.”

On Drew Bobo and Earnest Greene III…

“Drew had a labrum repair that he came in with, he battled through it, and we wanted to see how long he could go this year with it before knowing that we’re probably going to have to repair it. He went maybe two or three weeks into the season and he had labrum repair, and he’ll be coming back in the spring. Earnest also had a surgery. I can’t say the word, it’s a little too complicated for me. He had a back surgery. That’s what’s been bothering him. We’ve had problems with it and it was one of the things we tried to treat. We got to the point where the doctors advised us, ‘Look, at this point we got to take care of it and get it fixed so that he can come back and be healthy.’ We’re expecting him to come back for the bowl practice or at the end in January and be able to lift and go full speed and get into spring. But it was at the point we couldn’t do anything else but have surgery.”

  • “Lot better today than Monday. Took a little while to get our motor running.” -- Smart on Georgia’s practice
  • “Nolan is a natural leader. He’s been that way since the eighth grade. His leadership is more important than his ability, and his ability is pretty strong. He’s just a core guy.”
  • Smart says Dan Jackson will need surgery for his foot injury. Jackson suffered the injury during the Vanderbilt game.
  • “It’s not the designed running plays that kill you. They don’t design run him a lot. I think they value him. I think they know they value him. It’s the scrambles, the draws, the converted runs that he’s really elite at.” -- Smart on Anthony Richardson.
  • “David Daniel is a guy that will step up. Javon Bullard and Tykee Smith have repped at safety.” --
  • “He’s doing good. He’s a quiet kid. You always worry about a guy when he’s not with the team as much. He’s rehabbing, Ron has a great history with the ACL.” -- Smart on Andrew Paul.
  • Drew Bobo had labrum surgery.
  • Earnest Greene had a back surgery. It’s been bothering him.
  • “It’s about being at your best when your best is needed. We have not played our best as a defense.” -- Smart on the Georgia defense.
  • “I’m not one to make excuses. They’re buying into the standard of the Georgia defense.

11:30 a.m. update: We will hear from Stetson Bennett and Chris Smith today. Head coach Kirby Smart will meet with reporters at noon.

Kirby Smart: Opening Statement

“As we get moving forward for Georgia/Florida, our guys took Friday, Saturday, Sunday off and getting ready to go back to work today. It’s another exciting matchup with these guys in Jacksonville. I have a lot of respect for Billy. I’ve known him for a long time. One of the most intelligent coaches I’ve been around in terms of preparation and understanding what it takes to run a program, an organization. I think he does a fabulous job. I know a lot of guys on his staff. Got a lot of respect for him. And being a high school coach’s son in this state, we grew up very similar. So it’s on to the Gators and we kind of started on them last week at the end of the week. And looking forward to a good week of practice.”

On working with Billy Napier at Alabama…

“Like I said, he’s very thorough. He’s an extremely hard worker. Great husband and father. He’s a good leader of men. And I knew from the first time he got to Alabama, I don’t know what year it was, but whatever year he got there, he was going to be really good because he paid attention to detail. He took a lot of notes. He was just really smart. You knew he was there to learn. And I think he capitalized on his time he spent there to look at football from a different perspective maybe from what he looked at previously. And he was really successful at ULL. Which is a great school, great location, a lot of good football players. But they won a lot of football games with him there.”

On injury updates from the bye week…

“Smael was able to practice towards the end of the week and did a good job. Didn’t see him, really, yesterday in terms of doing anything. So Smael looked good towards the end of last week. Jalen and AD, like I said last week, weren’t really practicing with us. Trying to get back. We’re hopeful to get those guys back, but still don’t know. And Kendall was able to practice non contact on -- I guess it was Thursday, the last practice we had. So we’re expecting him to be able to go today.”

On offensive improvements during the bye week…

“Just situational football. I mean, the things you work on the off-week are, No. 1, opponents. No. 2, a lot of work. Probably 90 percent of our work was good on good against each other; situational football, third down, two minute, red area, second and ten, third down, team run. I mean, there’s no area in three practices that we didn’t work on.”

On injuries to AD Mitchell and Jalen Carter…

“AD is a high ankle sprain. And high ankle sprains when you talk to everybody across the NFL and across college football, it’s hard to pinpoint a measurement. The first thing you look for is do they need to do the repair? They do the tightrope and things like Arian did. His was not that kind of injury. But it is lingering. It’s a pain in the butt. So he’s battling to come back and doing everything we ask. In terms of Jalen, it’s the knee right now. It’s the MCL. But the degree of that, severity of that just depends on conditioning level, how fast he can get back. He’s working to get back and we’re hopeful to get both of them back.”

  • Our guys took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Got a lot of respect for Billy. I’ve known him for a long time. We grew up very similar.” -- Smart on Billy Napier.
  • “He’s very thorough. A great leader of men. Paid a lot of attention to detail. He was very smart. He capitalized on his time there.” -- Smart on Billy Napier.
  • “He was a really good prospect in high school. He played wherever we needed him to play. He’s one of these versatile DB’s that can do it all. He’s an instinctive football player. He didn’t have success right away. He’s been able to work his way into a good football player.” -- Smart on Chris Smith.
  • “AD is a really good wide out. He has great twitch. I think he’s a dynamic receiver. He’s got toughness, he’s got quicks.” -- Smart on AD Mitchell.
  • “He’s grown a lot. He’s gotten considerably better within this season. The toughest thing is how you affect him. Some of the runs he’s had are better than (running) backs have had.” -- Smart on Anthony Richardson.
  • “Brenton is probably the most disruptive guy in terms of guys we’ve played. He’s a game-breaker at that.” -- Smart on Brenton Cox.
  • “Our focus has been on the next opponent. I just don’t concern myself with it.” -- Smart on the success of Oregon and South Carolina.
  • “We can say there’s a ticket at the gate and enjoy the game. We’ll do that.” -- Smart on recruiting in Florida.
  • “I feel like in recent years, tight ends have become the best athletes on the field. They have a tremendous athletic advantage.” -- Chris Smith on tight ends.
  • “I like playing in Jacksonville but I would like to see the game be a home-and-home. I never had the chance to play in Florida’s stadium.” -- Chris Smith on the Georgia-Florida rivalry.
  • “Being from Georgia and being a Georgia player, I know the importance of this rivalry.”
  • “He’s a physical specimen. We’re going to have to put together a good game plan against him. I was fortunate to go against him last year and we have to be ready to go against him.” Smith on Anthony Richardson.
  • “It’s a business trip.”
  • “For me, it was a little bit closer to home. It seemed like there were more Florida fans so there were more rivalries between households.” -- Bennett on what the game means down in South Georgia.
  • “You can throw the records out the window, more than any other opponent on our schedule.”
  • “I loved him when he was at Louisiana.” -- Bennett on Florida coach Billy Napier
  • “It makes me love the guy. That’s my teammate. He’s ride or die. He is our vocal leader. He says stuff, people listen. I think he adds a levity to the team.” -- Stetson Bennett on Nolan Smith.
  • “He’s one of the best receivers in the country, if not the best. We’ve missed him. I’m hoping to get him back.” -- Stetson Bennett on AD Mitchell.
  • “He gets us fired up.” -- Bennett on the halftime speeches.
  • “Just had a good quick relationship there with him. It was a tough phone call but I’m sure he had to make that same tough phone call when he took the job at Florida.” Bennett on Billy Napier.
  • “The grass is always greener. It would be cool to play in Gainesville. It’s hard to say. I don’t know what it would mean for Jacksonville. As far as permanently I don’t know.”
  • “I thought I snapped my collarbone in half.” -- Bennett on the injury he suffered against Florida in 2020.

The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party resumes in Jacksonville, Fla., with the 7-0 Georgia Bulldogs taking on the 4-3 Florida Gators.

The Bulldogs enter the game with the No. 1 ranking and a massive game against Tennessee looming. Florida meanwhile lost 45-35 to LSU in its most-recent game. Georgia opened as 22.5-point favorite over the Gators, the largest spread in recent history between these two fierce rivals.

But when speaking to reporters during the off week, Smart made it explicitly clear how his team will be viewing the game against the Gators.

“This is the Georgia-Florida matchup,” Smart said. “I don’t think you have to worry about that. I might understand if it was a non-conference or an FCS opponent, but that’s not going to be the case on Florida.”

Georgia is 4-2 against the Gators under Smart, with the Bulldogs winning 34-7 when these two teams met last season.

The Bulldogs used the off week to better themselves, honing on some of the areas where the team has struggled. One of those is the pass rush, as Georgia currently ranks last in sacks. The Bulldogs will have a big task on Saturday in trying to corral Anthony Richardson. He’s one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the country and spearheads a potent Florida rushing attack.

“You look what you’ve done well and what you’ve done poorly, and how can we do it better,” Smart said. “We sit down as coaches and say, ‘Alright, what do we need to do to win the next five games, six games?’ We target that area and really focus on our weaknesses and trying to strengthen our strong points.”


Georgia football injury report for Florida game

  • Andrew Paul (knee, out)
  • CJ Washington (neck, out)
  • Jalen Carter (knee, questionable)
  • AD Mitchell (ankle, questionable)
  • Kendall Milton (groin, questionable)
  • Trezmen Marshall (knee, probable)
  • Smael Mondon (ankle, probable)
  • Ladd McConkey (toe, probable)

Georgia football-Florida game time

The Georgia football-Florida game is set for a 3:30 p.m. ET start.

Georgia football-Florida television network

The Georgia football-Florida game will air on CBS.

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