Brock Bowers is as locked in with the Las Vegas Raiders as most all Georgia football fans knew he would be.

ESPN reported how three-time All-Pro receiver Davante Adams described Bowers’ approach to practices, and the nickname he’s earned.

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“That’s ‘BM,’ man,” Adams said in the ESPN article. “That’s the ‘Business Man.’ He doesn’t care about nothing else other than just locking in on football.

“I tried to tell a joke to get him to laugh, talking to the rookies. Sitting there stone-faced, he didn’t laugh. That’s BM right there. I see what he’s about.”

Bowers, of course, was the same way at Georgia throughout this three-year tenure leading up to the Raiders selecting him 13th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Kirby Smart told a hilarious story about how he got under Bowers’ skin at practice.

“There was a couple of practices where Malaki Starks covered him really well and made plays, and we got to kidding Brock that we finally found someone who could cover him, No. 24 this freshman out there, and he did not like that,” Smart said.

“You could just see it, he was itching and he couldn’t quit moving and twitching, and the next day he caught like six balls on him and made sure he showed everyone that he could beat the freshman.”

Bowers admitted the head coach got to him, surely pouring more fuel on the competitive fires that drive him.

“He always has the loud mic on at practice,” the normally easy-going Bowers said at SEC Media Days last year, asked if there was anything that gets under his skin.

“And he’ll call me out sometimes and tell me I’m not winning, and that will piss me off and get to me.”

Bowers biggest challenge with the Raiders at this stage of the offseason has been getting command of the playbook and different terminology.

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Georgia fans know — as do the Las Vegas coaches who drafted him — what will come next once that happens.

Bowers, the man Adams refers to as “BM,” will be back in business as one of the best at his position.