ATHENS — Warren Brinson disagrees with Kirby Smart’s assessment of the defensive line.

“You say not having any game-wreckers, I feel like I can wreck the game. Stunting, stuff like that,” Brinson said in speaking to media. “We’re going to see as the season goes on. We don’t have any of the “big names” but by the end of the season, we could all be big names, you know what I’m saying. It’s really just us working hard, having a good season, you’re going to see people wreck games.”

Smart has made it a point to say he doesn’t know if the defensive line doesn’t have a dominant player like they have in years past. There’s no obvious Jalen Carter, Travon Walker or Jordan Davis type.

All those players moving on to the NFL has also created a defensive line that isn’t as deep as it has been in past years.

“We don’t have the depth we probably have had,” Smart said. “Maybe that’s a luxury compared to other people, I don’t know. I think we’ve got to get deeper at the position. The only way to get deeper at the position, you can’t get anybody at this point. There isn’t anybody coming out for waivers.”

Brinson has a retort for that as well. The senior defensive lineman knows it will be hard, but it’s a challenge he’s ready to take on.

Especially because it’s going to help prepare Brinson for life in the NFL.

“It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be hard but we just have to keep going,” Brinson said. “Football is a tough game and you have to be tough playing D-line. In the NFL, this is like the league. There’s only eight defensive linemen on the roster so this is as close as we’re going to get.”

Working in Georgia’s favor is that it has plenty of veterans. Naz Stackhouse, Zion Logue and Brinson are all seniors. They’ve played a ton of football and are ready for their moment in the sun. Stackhouse in particular is someone who is on NFL draft radars and with a strong season, Brinson will certainly find himself on it as well.

Those veterans aren’t alone though. It helps to have rising sophomore Mykel Williams rounding back into form. He fits the profile — IE former 5-star prospect — of Carter and Walker.

“Disruptive. Good hands, work ethic, pass rush ability,” Brinson said. “But I’m not going to lie, our offensive line is so good, I can count on my hand how many times we beat them clean and Mykel has probably beat them clean like twice. Our offensive line is really good.”

Williams was limited this spring due to a foot injury that required surgery during spring drills. But while some Bulldogs have been limited this fall, particularly by foot injuries, Williams has been powering his way back.

“He’s back to where he needs to be and he’s going to carry the load that he has to carry this season,” Brinson said.

Walker, Davis and Carter helped build Georgia into a defensive line factory. Those three were all first-rounders. They likely won’t be the last to play for Scott.

Georgia may very well have more first-rounders, even on this current team. Brinson hopes that he and his fellow defensive linemen can play up to that standard.

And if they prove Smart wrong in the process, all the better.

“We’ve had first-rounders, first-rounders, first-rounders. We have to keep that going,” Brinson said. “There’s a standard we have to play to, there’s a standard we have to uphold. When it comes to stopping the run, being stout up front, generating a pass rush and juice like that. Playing with my guys, I trust them and they trust me.”