Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This rep has the latest with 4-star DL Jordan “BigBaby” Hall. He ranks as the nation’s No. 16 DL and the No. 121 prospect for 2023 on the 247Sports Composite ratings. He is the No. 2 target for 2023 on the weekly DawgNation “Before the Hedges” top target list.


Jordan “BigBaby” Hall is comfortable in Athens. He made that clear in the spring and over the summer. He said pretty much the same after his visit for the Auburn game last weekend.

Yet this most recent trip did mark his first game visit. That was new. He also got the chance to link up and chill more with the core commitments of the 2023 recruiting class.

Hall liked the feeling of walking around downtown Athens with 4-star Georgia DT commit Jamaal Jarrett by his side. Those two sat near one another in the west end zone bleachers.

“I know I’m big but we were walking in downtown Athens and it felt like I was walking with a bodyguard or something like that,” he said. “That’s a big ‘ol guy. I’m like 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5 but that guy is a solid 6-foot-6 or then even 6-foot-6 and a half. He’s not a little dude. He’s wide and built like a bear.”

Hall knows he has that chance to play with Jarrett in Athens. That would be comforting considering he’s getting doubled and tripled and chipped and cut all season at Westside High in Jacksonville.

“I feel like if anything they would double him more,” Hall said. “Like a Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter type of thing. I will still get maybe one or two double teams, but they will double him more. He can take that. I can get the one-on-one and beat that one-on-one. I’ve been practicing beating those 1-on-1s all my life so it would be a big upgrade from my teammates now to someone who is 6-foot-6 or 6-foot-7 and 350.”

Hall wears No. 77 in high school but is looking to change that up at the next level.

“I hate that number with a passion,” he said.

He’s got his eyes on No. 44 and actually had a chat with No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick Travon Walker about putting that jersey for the ‘Dawgs.

“I’ve talked to Travon about it,” Hall said. “He said it is fine. He said if I wear it I have got to represent. I will take that. It will be some big shoes to fill but I’m up for the challenge.”

Hall is very comfortable in Athens, but he did keep it all very real.

“I would say it is a home away from home,” he said. “Some people may take that as ‘Oh, he’s committing there’ since it is home but honestly when you are comfortable somewhere then it feels like home. Because home is where you are comfortable. I can go there and just feel free to - I wouldn’t say do anything now - but vibe out and chill. But then when it is time to learn then that is the time for me to learn. There are honestly not too many things that I am worried about when I go up there.”

“Talking to Coach Smart, he wants to implement the fact that he wants me to be on the team for next year. Coach [Tray] Scott says that as well. I just get a lot by talking to the players and interacting with them. It is like a big brother and a little brother connection. Everybody takes me under the wing. Talks to me. Tells me things. Helps me with my game and all that stuff and we just have fun. I haven’t really gotten a connection with any other school and with any other players like that.”

“I haven’t been really anywhere else. I haven’t been anywhere else where I’ve had the chance to interact with the other players the way I have been at Georgia. I really just feel free there to hang out there, interact, do stuff and chill.”

Jordan Hall is planning a few more big visits this month

He’s going to say a lot of things that fans might probably read too much into, but he has not thought about changing up his commitment timeline.

The 4-star DL still has a long way to go with at least two big visits planned this month.

  • October 15: LSU at Florida (Unofficial)
  • October 22: Mississippi State at Alabama (Official)

He’s exploring using another official visit to check out Tennessee at Georgia.

“But I might just save Georgia’s official visit until December,” he said.

Hall is not going to commit anytime soon. That was his same answer in the spring and the summer. He’s said for a while that he is going to take as long as he possibly can before he makes his decision.

Look for Hall to sign on the first day of the early signing period. That signature ceremony will be his commitment. If he feels the need, he might make a silent commitment.

But he said this week not to look for that until maybe the week heading into the early signing period.

“Just to feel good about the process and have fun with it,” he said. “To make the right decision and choose the school where I can best get into the program and develop faster and get on the field and get on the good side of my coaches and have fun really.”

He’s got a core group of about five or six schools on his mind and more visits are still being planned.

4-star 2023 DL Jordan "BigBaby" Hall plays for Westside High School in Jacksonville. (Jeff Sentell/ DawgNation) (Jeff Sentell/Dawgnation)

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Jordan “BigBaby” Hall: He’s bigger than everyone thinks

Hall is a funny young man. He might look like he’s in his late 20s, but he’s still a goofy fun-loving teenager.

“I’m nice on the grill, too,” Hall said. “If you see me, I will talk to you. I’m very personable. Manners. Raised well. That’s it.”

Check those gameday photos. He calls himself a “sunglass fanatic” and he’s most comfortable in a T-shirt and a pair of gym shorts and some “busted-up” Crocs. That’s his unofficial uniform when he’s not in his school dress code uniform.

“I call my busted-up Crocs the holey ones,” he said.

That’s as in holes. Not any sort of divine footwear.

“They got a big ol’ hole and holes in the front of them,” Hall said. “Two big ol’ holes in the front of them. I wear those all the time and my shades and I’ve got my headphones on listening to music.”

Those are size 15 Crocs.

“But those big ol’ holes push them out to a size 16,” Hall said.

Hall cut a pretty slender figure on Saturday at the Auburn game. He said he’s not quite 6 feet, 5 inches. Probably the best gauge would be to place him around 6-foot-4.5 in height. The nation’s No. 16 DL also said he’s right at 305 pounds.

It doesn’t look like he’s that heavy. He carries that on his frame well.

The other thing to note here from a physical perspective is he’s strong. He will squat about 525 pounds. That was his max in March of this year. He maxed out at bench press at 345 pounds.

Yet that’s a lot of natural strength. Hall said he’s only been in the weight room for maybe the last year. That’s something he said is not prioritized at his high school.

Hall is making it his priority, though.

“I’m really up at my school every day,” he said. “Working out like 24/7. Football is all day. Every day. I may take a rest day or two but I’m trying to catch up on the lost time that I had my freshman, sophomore and junior year.”

Teams are scheming against him. They are not running his way.

“There’s the fun of playing naturally and making a lot of good consistent plays,” he said. “They’ve kind of tried to scheme and take the fun away from the game from me a little bit. I’m making good use of it. Timing the snap. Trying to jump the ball. Beat a double team and try to make as big of an advantage out of it as I can.”

He’s playing the “0″ and “1″ technique. He said he will play the “2″ and “3″ and 3i” and will also play defensive end almost every game. The schools that are recruiting him see him as a “3″ or a “4″ technique on the defensive line.

“Just working on how to get better at stopping the run, a lot of shooting my hands and coming out of my hips more,” he said. “That’s one thing I am focusing on.”

He is working to enroll early in January of 2023. Hall does have a clear view of what he is looking for in the right school.

“The big box I would say to say is I have got to trust everybody I am around,” he said. “Because I am going to be there for four years. You don’t want to be iffy about people. Especially on the coaching staff. Especially for a long time. Trust and the way they develop me into playing and help me to be a better man at the same time are some of the bigger pieces.”

“How the college is. That’s a big thing. How the environment and the town are put together. How the fans support their team and things like that. Then honestly a big piece would just be the players and the people I am going to be around. I’m going to be a football player the majority of the time but I am still going to be a student and a kid at the same time. I want to have fun and do things like that. That’s really it. I’m not too much of a picky guy.”

Hall wants to study Agriculture in college or pursue a degree with an emphasis on Agri-Business.

Will 4-star DL Jordan Hall (top left with glasses on his head) join 4-star DT commitment Jamaal Jarrett in Athens in the 2023 class? We shall see. (Jeff Sentell/ DawgNation) (Jeff Sentell/Dawgnation)

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Jordan Hall: What does he really like about Georgia?

Hall knows all about those 15 NFL Draft picks in 2022. Those five first-rounders and Georgia likely going to have at least three guys from Scott’s defensive line room go in the first round of the NFL Draft in two years.

That’s what he likes best about the ‘Dawgs.

“Development,” he said. “Coach Smart knows exactly what he wants to do and exactly what he wants from all of his players. I know he can name if from the starter to the guy who is a walk-on to the 5-star recruit who just came in that wants to prove he was a 5-star recruit coming out of high school. How good he is. He knows how to put every piece of the puzzle together I feel like.”

Then there is a deep respect for Georgia line coach Tray Scott. He puts Scott right up there with Ohio State’s Larry Johnson and FSU’s Odell Hagins as the best defensive line coaches in the country.

“Outside of coach Johnson and coach Odell in that group, he’s probably the best in the business,” he said. “Most definitely he is up there with those two and plus coach Scott has got a defensive head coach who lets them flow free and do what he needs to do to make his scheme fit with the defensive coordinator’s scheme. Coach Scott, in general, is a technician. He teaches every day. It may be some simple stuff but I feel like keeping everything simple is better. Just works on the little things and he focuses on his players more than anything and anybody. I like that a lot out of everything I have seen out of Georgia.”

Scott has emphasized to Hall to strike out on blocks. That’s one of the biggest things he’s learned from Scott. Just to strike the block, get off the block and make plays.

“Pass rush as well,” Hall said. “When I went up there for a camp a couple of years ago they had a drill called chop, dip and rip. I’m using that move lately just getting off the ball. I may not even chop all the time but just dip and get underneath the offensive tackle. It is easier to get to the quarterback. I’ve been practicing that a lot.”

Hall’s goal is to reach the NFL and play football. That’s been his dream since he was a kid. He’s fully aware of how well the ‘Dawgs do in that area.

“To see how he can have basically, no not basically but all, his defensive linemen go from coming in freshmen and building and developing them,” Hall said. “Those are his guys for all those years and seeing how it all aired out and played out is probably one of the more special moments being a coach for his players. Just seeing all his guys going in the first round.”

His first game day met his expectation for the Georgia football program.

“It was what I thought it would be,” Hall said. “The atmosphere and the vibe especially for a game like that. Coming in just to see how everything works. Seeing all the fans. I didn’t even know they had a student section that big but it was packed from the time warmups started to when the game ended. I saw the traditions and the rituals of them spelling and saying ‘GEORGIA’ was just something. Even seeing like the dog barking. That whole shebang of everything they were doing was kind of cool. I think it was probably one of the best gameday environments I’ve been to in a little minute.”

He said he’s been to Athens about “five or six” times now as a prospect. Those 2023 commits want to make him a full-time resident. They don’t want him to leave come January.

“Everybody has been on me hard,” Hall said. “Since my last visit during the summer, everybody has been on me. Coach Scott said it was a need for me to be on the team and since they heard that, they have all been wanting me to come there really bad. All of those are my guys. I’m cool with all of them. Just enjoy talking to them and we will see how things work. We will see how things happen later on down the line but most definitely I am connected with all of them very closely.”

Jordan "BigBaby" put on the all-white uniform when he visited Athens over the summer. (Instagram) (Jeff Sentell/Dawgnation)


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