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Jeff Sentell answers this week’s questions, ranging from a player comparison to new commitment Sacovie White to questions about last week’s O-Line work and any flip candidate for the rest of the 2023 recruiting cycle.

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This week’s video response question points to the impact that the new 2024 3-star commitment Sacovie White will ultimately have on the Georgia football program.

@Georgia Bulldoge on Twitter asks: Who would you compare the new UGA ATH commit to?

Answer(In ✨video✨)

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@Kasey from the DawgNation Forum asks: Most likely flip candidate from the class of 2023?

Answer: There are a couple of ways I could go with this one. The most likely? Well, for me that answer comes down to a couple of factors.

  • Position of need
  • Strong positioning for Georgia as a finalist prior to the current commitment
  • Georgia remains in communication after not getting the verbal pledge earlier this year
  • The current situation not looking as rosy as it used to.

With all of those things in play, the answer for me right there is 4-star WR Anthony Evans III of Texas. He chose Oklahoma over Georgia back in late August. There was certainly a time when it felt like he was going to be a ‘Dawg.

The Sooners have now lost three games in a row and the last two were pretty shoddy outings. The 49-0 beatdown by Texas last week was brutal as the team leaders in passing and rushing had 38 and 60 yards, respectively.

Is it a likely flip? Probably need to see a few more things happen to add any momentum to that front right now. But I would deem Evans to be the most likely flip candidate out there at this time.

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@PGJackson from the DawgNation forum asks: With UGA needing a RB in this class, are we pursuing Reuben Owens at all? Of all the 5-star commits in this class, his is the most unlikely. And ESPN ran an article that Louisville’s HC might not make it another game. I understand that a massive NIL deal might be the thing keeping him committed to such a lowly team, but I can’t help but think he could be a guy ripe for a Kang Kirby flip.

Answer: In a word, yes.

Georgia’s Dell McGee is not an ace recruiter because these backs just fall in his lap. He establishes long relationships with prospects and doesn’t relent on back he feels that could help UGA win another national championship. Owens is clearly one of those guys.

He had this to say this week about Georgia: “I’m still in contact with Georgia and Coach McGee just not that much. I’m just focusing on my senior year right now.”

Owens had 2,989 yards on 12 yards per carry as a junior with 46 touchdowns on the ground. He has 1,035 yards and 14 touchdowns in just five games this season. That’s 8.9 yards per carry.

The responsible thing to note here is that IF Owens decided to back off his connection to Louisville there would be a vigorous attempt by Texas and Texas A&M to keep the 5-star RB from choosing to leave the state for the second time in his process.


GACaesar (@Ga_Caesar asks: Was the success UGA had at running last Saturday because the Auburn defense was poor? Or our OL picked up the tempo?

Answer: This one isn’t that hard to peg. I think the Bulldogs saw a pretty good front from Auburn that had given up 4.4 yards per carry coming into the game and decided to pound away. That was the best way to win the football game.

The 49 carries against Auburn speak to that. There was also the hangover from the Missouri game to think about. Georgia got whipped up front by a Missouri defensive front that showed off multiple looks and sets and Kirby Smart even called his offensive line out about it publicly.

I think the Bulldogs heard that, saw the best way to win a football game on Saturday and then went about the systematic destruction of the Auburn defense via the run game.

Check out the team rushing attempts from the season in the previous weeks for the ‘Dawgs: 36 (Mizzou); 41 (Kent State); 30 (South Carolina); 32 (Samford); 25 (Oregon)

To best answer your question, I think it was a combo platter of the two. The ‘Dawgs definitely picked up the emphasis on the run game and found a team that they could exploit in doing so.

Let’s also not forget Stetson Bennett being a little dinged-up and not as accurate as he’s shown in the past AND the continued progression of both Daijun Edwards and Branson Robinson. That last factor bodes well for the Georgia run gain for the remainder of the season against run defenses that rank No. 88 (Vanderbilt); No. 111 (Florida); No. 11 (Tennessee) and No. 63 (Mississippi State) and No. 52 (Kentucky) nationally over the upcoming stretch run of the schedule.


Various parties across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube over the last few days have asked: Ok, so I know this is going to sound greedy given that Georgia just picked up two commitments this week. But are there any more big decisions coming up? Like soon?

Answer: Yes.

We might even look back on this stretch as one of the better 30-day periods for commitments this year when all is said and done and signed. It won’t top July. Will be hard for any months to top all the future difference makers that committed to the G in July.


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