Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This rep has the latest with a wide range of prospects in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 on how Georgia looked to open the year against Oregon.


The season opener against Oregon was a movie for those that fervently follow the Georgia football program.

The glowing reviews flowed in swiftly. The ESPN and SEC Network talking heads did everything but dump C-130 cargo bed of that Saban-grade “rat poison” and “expectations” all over what they saw at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Stetson Bennett IV is now being touted (rightfully) as a Heisman Trophy candidate. Ask yourself this: If we were having a conversation exactly one week ago, what would have been the most radical prediction?

  • Georgia would beat Oregon by 46 points?
  • Stetson Bennett would look every bit like a Heisman contender?
  • The passing game was Monken’s fastball and the run game was his off-speed pitch?
  • Georgia would score on its first seven possessions against Dan Lanning’s new Oregon defense?

As it turns out, the best answer there is all of the above.

College football saw it. Yet most importantly, so did the future of the Georgia football program. DawgNation was able to gather up the following perspectives about how the ‘Dawgs played on Saturday.

That’s a real “Rotten Tomatoes” rating that matters for what the ‘Dawgs unleashed against Oregon. We featured that topic last night on the weekly live streaming episode of “Before The Hedges” on all of DawgNation’s social media platforms.

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If the ‘Dawgs can keep it up, then those narratives out there regarding the offensive and its passing game might start to evolve during 2022. Todd Monken has his hands on 10-and-2 of an offense that is supercharged and well-stocked at every position, most importantly a mammoth offensive line.

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Georgia football recruiting: The reviews for the Oregon beatdown are in

As far as the reviews go, the ones that follow must come with a disclaimer. The following phrases were used about the Georgia offense:

  • “The ‘Dawgs looked impressive, especially on offense”
  • “Passing game was exciting”
  • “The passing game was aggressive.”
  • “They went stupid.”
  • “Capable of beating you in multiple ways”
  • The offense clicked like I haven’t seen them in a while.”
  • “The ‘Dawgs pressed go on the gas pedal and never let up.”
  • “They do so many different things with the ball.”

Those would all go on the movie poster outside the cinema. Not many of us thought we’d be hearing a lot of folks say that after the opener either.

So .... who said what? How did everyone feel about how the ‘Dawgs looked against Oregon? Let’s sort it all out.

4-star LB CJ Allen (UGA commit):

“I feel like they played a good game. Seeing guys step up was exciting. It was just very exciting to watch and being committed just makes it 10 times better. Can’t wait to join them.”

5-star 2024 ATH Khalil “KJ” Bolden

“I definitely watched it while I was up there in Columbus for the Ohio State game. They played phenomenally. Some people say that Georgia doesn’t throw the ball but I feel like they proved a lot of people wrong with that.”

4-star 2024 OL Daniel Calhoun:

“I think the team played great. They moved the ball well and they played a lot of different players. What stood out to me was how well prepared they were. Looked like they did what they wanted to offensively.”

5-star 2023 S Caleb Downs (Alabama commit):

“They played very well. [The] defense was impressive and the offense was clicking.”

5-star 2024 QB Jadyn Davis on the offensive showing during the game:

“Loving every bit of it.”

4-star 2024 DE/TE KingJoseph Edwards:

“They dominated as Kirby [Smart] coached them to do. The defense was relentless. The offense was effective. Perfect combination. Oregon was not ready and Georgia stay ready.”

4-star 2023 OT commit Monroe Freeling:

“Who wouldn’t pick UGA at this point? Not to mention all the committed recruits showing out for the ‘Dawgs, too!

4-star 2023 RB Justice Haynes (Alabama commit):

“The ‘Dawgs looked impressive. Especially on offense. The defense looked great. They look like they are ready to make another championship run against this year.”

5-star 2024 DE Eddrick Houston:

“I wasn’t there, but I saw it on TV. They played hard. Just hard-nosed defense. Stopping everything. The offense was scoring back-to-back. Stetson Bennett was throwing some good passes to the receivers and just an all-around good performance.”

4-star 2023 OT Bo Hughley (UGA commit):

“I went to the game and they went stupid.”

4-star 2023 DT Jamaal Jarrett (UGA commit):

“I already knew that us ‘Dawgs were going to show out. The defense showed that there are still dominant.”

2026 QB Julian “Ju Ju” Lewis (future 5-star):

“The passing game was aggressive. They really showed that they are capable of beating you in multiple ways. Georgia will be very hard to beat playing this way. I love how coach [Todd] Monken used Stetson Bennett.”

4-star 2023 TE Lawson Luckie (UGA commit):

“It was just great seeing college football get back going. Those dudes looked great out there. The offense clicked like I haven’t seen them in a while.”

5-star 2025 OT/DE David Sanders Jr.:

“That was an amazing performance from Georgia! I watched the whole game. They look very dominant yet again. I was amazed as always with Georgia. Can’t wait to get down there for a game or visit in the near future.”

5-star 2024 QB Julian Sayin:

“Dawgs were impressive yesterday. That offensive was explosive. Coach [Todd] Monken and Stetson [Bennett] dialed it up!”

2025 OL Cortez Smith:

“The game was awesome and the ‘Dawgs pressed go on the gas pedal and never let up. The fans were definitely electric but by far [the best part] the ‘Dawgs O-line.”

4-star 2023 TE Pearce Spurlin III (UGA commit):

“How ‘bout them ‘Dawgs!”

5-star 2024 TE Landen Thomas (UGA commit):

“They played great.”

4-star 2024 WR Sacovie White:

It was a dynamic game. I love Athens. I love the offense. They do so many different things with the ball. I feel like they would be able to use me so many different ways as much as they get the ball out.”

3-star 2023 PK Peyton Woodring (UGA commit):

“I was able to catch the game this weekend. It was awesome. They looked great on all three parts of the game. The offense was crazy going seven for seven on drives. Overall I thought they looked great and excited to see how the rest of the season goes. Go ‘Dawgs!”

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