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Oscar Delp is putting together a good grasp of what his September visit plan is going to look like. His first visit? That will be Georgia vs. Clemson.

Oscar Delp: Nation’s No. 2 TE hints at a strong family connection to UGA

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is about the latest with Georgia’s longtime top target for 2022 at tight end. That’s West Forsyth two-sport standout Oscar Delp.


Oscar Delp is always happy to help.

That’s a real-life takeaway from DawgNation’s fun-filled “Before The Hedges” interview which streamed live on DawgNation’s social channels last week.

That chat had the normal staples of any interaction with a top UGA target. It addressed his recruiting outlook with four planned June officials. He said good things about Georgia and mentioned all the schools in his wheelhouse.

There’s an anticipated commitment date of Sept. 30 to regard here with Delp now. Yet those are to be expected in any chronicle with a strong communicator like Delp.

The All-American TE also said a few things that were highly unique for a typical recruiting update. Delp told a story about being happy to help amid the recent gas shortages in the American South of late.

“I was just driving up to the gas station to see if there was any gas left,” Delp said. “Of course, there was nothing.”

He audibled and decided to just pass through. Until.

“There was a gentleman standing there and just pointing at my car,” he said. “I was confused.”

The bystander came and knocked on his window. According to Delp, he didn’t speak English that well. He asked him to park his car and to follow him.

The 6-foot-4, 230-pound Delp obliged.

They came upon a van parked in the middle of a four-lane road. Delp describes it as a congested traffic pattern in his area. That gentleman was stranded and out of gas.

It wasn’t long before Delp was working a combo block at the back of his car.

“We pushed that thing about 100 yards to the nearest parking lot,” Delp said. “It was definitely a workout.”

It was his second leg workout of the day.

“We had a big front squat day this morning,” Delp said. “So my legs were already pretty sore then. When I found out I was pushing a van I was really excited. It definitely got the juices going.”

Help from Delp. We won’t forget that anytime soon.

Delp also delved into his fashion choices for the prom season. He went with the short pants look and paired them up with a new pair of Jordans.

“Definitely comfy walking around,” he said.

Check out the proms pics below.

Delp also put it out into the world that he’s a 5-star on the dance floor when he wants to be. Sounds right. He’s got moves and speed and is tough to bring down in the open.

He’s far more versatile than just pushing vans up the street. The rising senior averaged 17.1 yards per catch in 2020 and caught nine touchdowns in nine games.

The 4-star then moved on to breaking down his June officials, how his family is starting to feel about the Bulldogs and shed a light on how his “Marython” Mom has shaped his work ethic.

After hearing him out, that’s the term we feel fits her the best.

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4-star TE and All-American Bowl pick Oscar Delp has picked out four official visits and one unofficial visit for the month of June. He'll be quite busy. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Oscar Delp: Taking a glance at his busy June

The nation’s No. 2 TE and No. 80 overall recruit (247Sports Composite) will be too tired to push any more vans by the time the end of June rolls around.

  • June 3: Clemson (unofficial visit)
  • June 4-6: Georgia (official visit)
  • June 14-16: Michigan (official visit)
  • June 25-27: South Carolina (official visit)

He’ll have a prospect camp with Rivals.com mixed in there, too.

“So far I have four officials set up and then one unofficial,” Delp said last week. “I’m going to be at Clemson on June 3 unofficially. My uncle wants to take me up there and kind of show me around because he went and played there. That first weekend we will be at Georgia. The second weekend we will be at Florida. The third week - right before the Rivals Five-Star Challenge - we are going to go during the week to the University of Michigan for an official. I set that up yesterday. Then that last weekend I will be at South Carolina.”

He’s keeping an official visit parked in reserve. It could go to Clemson.

“I think I am going to use that fifth or just save it in case something happens,” Delp said. “Clemson likes to do their officials later on in the year after their season. So if I really like Clemson, I might save it for that. Or just some other schools. Like Alabama, North Carolina and Oklahoma have been some of the schools I have been talking to. I’m just going to kind of keep that one in my back pocket for later on.”

He’s a contested recruit. Delp estimated he’s received 500-plus graphic edits from various schools pitching him joining their program. There is also a core of about five coaches who send him a text every morning at 7:30 a.m. each day.

Delp estimated he sends about 50 text messages per day with coaches and recruiters.

The current thinking is that he’ll have an idea of where he wants to go play in June. That’s after all of those visits. Yet he’s long been a holdout for waiting until September and watching some games and soaking in those stadium atmospheres before a commitment takes place.

As it turns out, he has a good “spotter” date on the calendar. It should hold him to that.

“My Mom’s birthday is September 30,” Delp said. “So she’s done a lot for me and just September being a month where college football starts I think it could definitely be where I end up committing on her birthday after just going to some games with some family and friends and just kind of getting that recruit experience.”

Delp could find what’s he looking for it in June. He still plans to hold out and wait until September. That’s mostly because he wants to see if that feeling stays with him until September.

Georgia All-American OL signee Dylan Fairchild will provide a good road map for him there. That’s his West Forsyth teammate. He even joined Fairchild on a fan-in-the-stands experience at a UGA game last fall.

“Dylan Fairchild before he committed to Georgia he told me he was going to three different schools,” Delp said. “He told me you’ll know once you know and that feeling doesn’t go away. I want to make sure I have that feeling of that school and it doesn’t go away.”

Here’s a quick study of what he’s looking for:

  • He’s looking for a school that uses the tight end position best.
  • He will find the program with the best chance to get the ball in his hands, show what he can do and get ready for the next level.
  • The schools that have built the best relationships with him are contenders.
  • He will prioritize schools will he enjoy living at the most for the next four years.

Delp deemed it likely he chooses one of those five schools he’s planning to visit in June. That said, he’s not cutting out any schools. Look for him to take unofficials to Auburn and North Carolina, too. He’s not cutting anybody out yet.

“Anything could change,” he said.

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All-American TE Oscar Delp caught 43 balls for 730 yards (17.1 yards per reception) and nine touchdowns in nine games. He thrived as a breakout junior in GHSA Class 7A ball in 2020. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

A couple of ties that could eventually bind UGA with Oscar Delp

Delp has become fast friends with Georgia QB commit Gunner Stockton during the 7-on-7 season. Those two have been roommates on road trips for the well-regarded “Hustle, Inc.” program in Metro Atlanta.

Stockton has said in the past Delp could be a roommate option if he chooses to be a Bulldog.

“He’s a really cool kid,” Delp said of Stockton. “He’s awesome. He’s easy to talk to. He and I both got a lot in common. We’re both pretty Southern kids. We’ve bonded a lot from Hustle, Inc. and just hanging out and texting back and forth. He knows how to throw a football and I feel like we have a good connection on the field.”

That seems obvious. Delp was almost was an 11th-hour prom date for Stockton’s cousin at a prom earlier this year.

Delp said Georgia tight ends coach Todd Hartley zoomed in on him as Georgia’s priority TE target for the 2022 class early last fall. They text every day and talk every other day.

Hartley texts him every morning in that early-riser group. He was Cal Ripken with the texts and the communication even before the pandemic. The Ripken metaphor still applies. He’s been “Iron Man” recruiting Delp every day for over 240 straight days now.

Kirby Smart has also been in weekly contact. Georgia is recruiting Team Delp hard here.

“The Georgia coaches have definitely won my parents over,” Delp said. “Or definitely my Mom. She got I think 15 cards on Mother’s Day from all of them. She loved all of that.”

Nick Saban sent her a Mother’s Day card. Georgia countered with a card from just about everyone on the staff.

That stuff hits home.

“That’s going to be a big thing with the recruiting process I think,” Delp said. “My parents are definitely going to be a big influence on my decision. I’m going to make it in the end but I’m going to listen to them a lot. They like Georgia a lot right now from the connections they have with the coaches. My mom is like ‘I don’t want to send my baby off to some random’ or doesn’t know the coach that well. I understand. But they’ve definitely won my Mom over. I’ll say that.”

Here’s a sliver of mindset Intel when it comes to Delp: His mother, Mary, is a serious marathoner. “Marython” Delp plans to run in The Boston Marathon this year.

Marathons, folks. That’s 26.2 miles.

Mary Delp is already a Boston Marathon veteran.

“Every weekend almost or when I was growing up I’d be dead from football the night before,” Oscar Delp said. “Or the day before. She comes into my room when I am sleeping like 10 o’clock on a Saturday. She’ll be like ‘You’re still sleeping? I just ran 15 miles’ and all this stuff. It is cool. She likes to compete. I think that’s where I get my competitiveness from. She’s always running. Always doing something to one-up somebody. Always running.”

Check out the full DawgNation interview with Delp below:


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