Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This rep has the latest with 4-star senior Jeremiah Cobb. He ranks as the nation’s No. 8 RB and the No. 200 overall prospect on the 247Sports Composite ratings. He’s the No. 7 RB and the 160th prospect for the On3 Consensus.


Commitment. Loyalty.

Those traits are just as impressive to find in an elite RB as back-to-back 2,000-yard seasons and a 10.7 time in the 100 meters.

It is even more uncommon to learn of how Auburn commitment Jeremiah Cobb of Montgomery Catholic in Alabama checks off all of those boxes.

The 4-star RB prospect received an offer from Georgia last week. That was newsworthy given the ‘Dawgs would like to sign the right two backs in this class.

There has been a Halloween-candy-sized bowl of names tossed about as potential mid-season RB offers for the ‘Dawgs, but he got the offer.

Cobb is also already a marquee name on the guest list for this week’s epic No. 1 vs. No. 2 SEC East showdown with Tennessee. When DawgNation spoke to the Auburn commit recently there were a great many things that stood out, including the following:

  • Despite 4,176 yards and 48 touchdowns in his last two full seasons, the best skill set trait is catching the ball out of the backfield.
  • We learned about how much he cares for and watches over his younger sister. She is a junior and a marvelous track athlete in her own right.
  • We learned of how a rival fan base taunted him and his sister in the playoffs last year, their barbs included the warning he wouldn’t make it out of the first quarter. When his MCA side rolled to a win and he piled up another monster game, he had his own version of “Say Less” when it comes to not stooping to the level of a rival fan base’s trash talk.
  • “He doesn’t talk a lot of social media but at the end of the game he had like 225 rushing yards and three touchdowns,” MCA head coach Kirk Johnson said. “After the game he put a picture up that said I made it out of the first quarter with a smile. I thought that was kind of cool considering he’s the type of person that never does stuff like that.”
  • DawgNation learned from the MCA staff that Cobb was timed at 4.42 seconds in the 40 as a sophomore. That was at an Alabama camp. The intel was also shared that he has been clocked at 10.7 in the 100 meters.
  • These tools sound like they fit the Todd Monken system-friendly RB profile of James Cook. Yet as Johnson was looking for the right player parallel, he brought up another Cook. “I’ve seen the comparisons to like the name Dalvin Cook and I think that is kind of an accurate comparison,” Johnson said. “You can utilize his speed in any kind of way you want. Whether it is line him up at receiver and hand it to him out of the backfield. It is hard for a linebacker to match up with him and it is hard for a safety to come down and tackle him.”
  • Cobb has rolled for 5,438 rushing yards and 67 touchdowns since his sophomore year began. That’s while averaging 10.3 yards per carry. That’s while rarely playing halfway into the third quarter for a team that has a 35-4 record. They are now ranked as the No. 1 team in Alabama Class 4A.
  • “He has great speed but the second part of his speed is it makes him run with a very furious power,” Johnson said. “He’s only 195 but he runs like he’s 250. He’s hard to bring down. He’s always got his legs moving and he’s a smart kid. He knows when to cut and when to bounce and when to try to run over a guy and so forth. That helps your longevity playing the running back position.”
  • His high school team hasn’t been tested in the fourth quarter in 10 games. Their 2021 and 2022 results include two wins by 20-plus, four wins by 30-plus, six wins by 40-plus, eight wins by 50-plus and two wins by 60-plus.
  • When Cobb said this, it made a lot of sense in that context: “My favorite part of the game is when you play a hard game and you actually have to lock in and play. You see everybody come together and try to handle adversity during that time of the game. Handling that adversity. Meeting that challenge. That’s my favorite part of the whole game.”
  • Let’s be clear on this: We’re not comparing players, but we are using the production standard set by 5-star Georgia legacy Justice Haynes. Haynes has been able to pile up 5,208 yards and 67 touchdowns since the 2020 season. The Alabama commitment has racked up those yards on an average of 9.4 yards per carry. Haynes has been a prolific back and for Cobb’s totals to compare to his production is saying something. Cobb needed 521 carries to stack up his total compared to 554 for Haynes. (Haynes also had 205 carries in his freshman season compared to 41 for Cobb.)

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4-star RB Jeremiah Cobb plays for Montgomery Catholic Academy in Alabama. (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)

Jeremiah Cobb: The most impressive thing to know about this RB

Commitment. Loyalty.

There is a lot of standout material to share here, but we keep coming back to what the 5-foot-11 and 195-pound senior said about what his Auburn commitment has meant to him.

Cobb, like most Auburn commitments, has been in a tough spot wondering when the symbolic guillotine was going to come down on the job status of the coach he committed to.

That didn’t matter to him one bit. He made a commitment and that was that.

What kept him committed to Auburn through all of that uncertainty? He said last week it was his position coach Cadillac Williams. Williams, an all-time great SEC back, is now the interim head coach at Auburn.

“Definitely Coach Cadillac,” Cobb said. “Then the recruiting staff up there is really awesome. It just really feels like home with the atmosphere there every time I go up there to visit and see the school.”

He said if the staff stayed in place, his commitment to Auburn was solid.

“If the coaching staff stays I will definitely stay at Auburn,” he said. “And definitely if Coach Cadillac stays, I will definitely still consider staying even if they get a new head coach and all of that.”

Why did Georgia running backs coach Dell McGee finally offer?

“He said he loved the way I run the ball and that he needed another back like me,” Cobb said. “That can run and make plays outside the backfield and is fast and can catch the ball and make plays.”

4-star RB Jeremiah Cobb plays for Montgomery Catholic Academy in Alabama. (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)

Jeremiah Cobb: How does he feel about the ‘Dawgs?

Cobb did check out Georgia during the spring. The “Dawgs even made his top six schools list even though they had yet to offer.

“They made that top six because I loved up and loved being up there when I went up there,” Cobb said. “It felt like a place where I could call home. I was just going to show them that I was interested in them after that visit by doing that.”

When he visited Georgia, he was impressed by the way the team ran its practices and how their backs worked so hard in every drill.

He said it would have made his July decision to commit “even harder” if he had a Georgia offer to think about when he committed to Auburn in July.

What was the reason why Georgia finally offered?

“He hadn’t been there,” Montgomery Catholic head coach Kirk Johnson said. “He hadn’t worked out for coach [Dell] McGee yet. Coach McGee had yet to see him perform. He finally got an opportunity where he could come see Jeremiah play and of course, he liked what he saw.

Cobb had 277 approximate all-purpose yards in that contest. That included 200 yards in receptions.

“Jeremiah had a pretty good game and showed he could play at that level and that he could play early,” Johnson said. “That’s another thing Coach McGee wanted to find out about him.”

The senior RB is a likely business or exercise science major. What did he make of Athens on that trip?

“It was very fun and exciting,” he said. “Getting to see all the nice things and facilities that Georgia has to offer. Then hanging out with Coach Dell. It was real fun.”

What did that offer mean to him?

“It was just another offer that I’m very blessed to have,” he said. “Very blessed to have it. It was just another offer for me to look back upon if anything goes wrong with Auburn.”

He was clear to note he saw the Georgia offer as a backup plan if anything went wrong with Auburn. And now it has. That makes this weekend’s visit all the more intriguing.

What does he like best about the ‘Dawgs?

“Definitely it just being a top school and a great program with great coaches,” Cobb said. “Very successful players that go on to the league. Coach Dell has been talking to me every day. He’s been sending me quotes in the morning. He’s real fun to be around. He’s been very close and he’s been saying he will stay on me at Georgia and make me an even better back.”

Check out this run last fall against Dadeville below. It pops up at the 20-second mark of this game highlight video.

If you watch one clip of what Cobb can be in the SEC, then this would be it. He makes at least six defenders miss on this eventual explosive scoring run.

“I just made like their whole team miss,” he said. “I think I just made a good play there.”

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Jeremiah Cobb: A few other things to know

Cobb will never be a worry on the grades list. He’s a 3.3 student in the classroom. MCA does not allow its student-athletes to graduate early. He will be a May/June graduate.

He wears the No. 23. That’s because of a love he shares with his father for NBA all-time great Michael Jordan.

He’s not a frustrated basketball player like a lot of offensive playmakers. Cobb won’t be that guy in the SEC locker room saying he’d be on his way to the league if he was five or six inches taller.

“Heck no,” he said. “I can’t play basketball at all. That’s probably the only sport I can’t do.”

The humility there checks out with a lot of the standout things his head coach had to say about him.

If the Auburn football staff began to splinter, then the Bulldogs would become a big option. That was the way to look at this decision last week.

Georgia is the national champion. The nation’s top-ranked team has a sterling running back pipeline of sending its big-play backs to the NFL.

He had to look at them. That’s what Johnson said was important to know here.

“Yes, sir,” Cobb said. “He couldn’t have explained it even better than that.”

Cobb could be a great fit. The reason he plays the game also fits into the culture in place in Athens.

“I just definitely play football because I love it,” Cobb said. “I love how it turns you into a man. It helps your work ethic and makes you did down deep inside to find out who you really are.”

He loves to run the counter and inside zone. Those plays have powered him to approximately five 300-yard games in his prep career.

“His last two years he hasn’t played in the second half like three times because we have blown a lot of people out,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, his best game would not showcase Cobb closing in on a career night in yards.

“His best games to me are him sitting down in the third quarter and not being hurt because we’ve blown the other team out,” his coach said. “That’s a good game for me.”

There are a few things that he wants people to notice when they watch him on film.

“I hope they see how patient I am and wait for a hole to open up and wait for a crease or anything,” Cobb said. “I want them to see how I wait to see a hole open up and wait for a crease or anything. I want them to see how smooth I try to run and run with great vision.”

4-star RB Jeremiah Cobb plays for Montgomery Catholic Academy in Alabama. (Courtesy photo) (Courtesy photo/Dawgnation)


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