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Georgia football landed a commitment from 3-star offensive lineman Drew Bobo, who is the son of former Georgia quarterback Mike Bobo.

BREAKING: Georgia legacy OL Drew Bobo flips his commitment from Auburn to Georgia

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This entry is about the decision made today by Georgia legacy Drew Bobo of Auburn High School in Alabama.


Georgia Bulldog legacy Drew Bobo committed to Auburn earlier this year. That’s because his father, Mike, was currently serving as the offensive coordinator for those Tigers.

Yet when he did, he still had Georgia on his mind.

“I was thinking Auburn was a place with my Dad it was the place to be,” Drew Bobo said. “It was close to home. I thought my Dad was going to be there for a while. My Mom and my family were going to be right there. They were going to get to see all my games. I was just thinking it would be a good fit and a good choice for me with my Dad there.”

“But after my Dad was let go, the Auburn fit wasn’t really there for me anymore.”

He said it was really hard not to choose Georgia back on Oct. 10.

“That was the place I wanted to go to since I was a kid,” Drew Bobo. “The whole summer I was thinking ‘I am probably going to go to Georgia’ but then I went to Auburn a couple of times. I liked Auburn, too. The gameday atmosphere was good. It was close to home and family and all that stuff. My Dad coaching there was a big plus so I just made that choice.”

“It was really hard not to pick Georgia. That’s the place I have wanted to be my whole life.”

When his father was not retained by Auburn coach Bryan Harsin for the 2022 season, it set a new decision in motion. That future as an Auburn Tiger was no longer on his horizon.

When his senior season was over for Auburn High and in the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game on Saturday, he planned one more trip to check out Georgia.

His heart told him it was going to be the place. His head also sorted it out on Sunday, too.

That’s why the 3-star OL made the decision he did just now. Bobo flipped his commitment from Auburn to Georgia to become the 25th public commitment of the 2022 class at Georgia.

Georgia was HIS team growing up.

“It is that but it is also the team I’ve known the coaches my whole life,” Drew Bobo said. “I’ve known Coach Smart my whole life. I’ve made a really good relationship with Coach Luke this summer. I just think it is a good place for me.”

The son of the former UGA QB and longtime offensive coordinator will now have one of those lockers with the Lamborghini leather seats with his name on it in Athens.

Bobo has transferred to several high schools while following his Dad’s career from Colorado State to South Carolina to Auburn. That’s why he will not be able to enroll early.

The 6-foot-5, 300-pound senior is expected to play center in Athens. That’s why Matt Luke told him he wanted him for. Luke came to see him last week for a home visit and Bobo told DawgNation he had a “great” visit Sunday in Athens.

Would UGA have room for him in the class? Would he have to greyshirt or perhaps blueshirt? Bobo told DawgNation that everything got “worked out” Sunday night in Athens.

Bobo said he will sign on Wednesday to join the #Bo22Moves class. When he does, he will become the fourth offensive line commitment in this class. The 3-star prospect ranks on the 247Sports Composite ratings as the nation’s No. 56 OT and the No. 639 overall recruit.

He is now also the ninth member of this 2022 UGA class that was once committed to another school. Bobo was in the stands when Georgia beat South Carolina earlier this season.

“It feels like it is all coming around,” Drew Bobo said. “Everything is happening for a purpose. If God didn’t want me at Auburn, he made a way for it not to be. For me to choose another place. It is all coming around for me. I wanted to go to Georgia during the summer, then I changed my mind and now it is all coming back around to where I wanted to be.”

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Drew Bobo is a 3-star OL in the class of 2022. He is the son of former Georgia QB and OC Mike Bobo.
Courtesy photo, Dawgnation

What led to Drew Bobo’s decision to become a Bulldog?

When the news dropped about his father’s time as the Auburn offensive coordinator, it was clear he wasn’t going to be playing in the SEC West.

“When it happened, my Dad was like we just need to figure out what is going on with you,” he said. “It was obvious that I wasn’t going to be going to Auburn.”

He didn’t want to publicly decommit from the Auburn class until he had decided on his new school.

“Really what was going through my mind was finding a place,” Drew Bobo said. “Seeing if numbers were full and stuff like that. Then I talked to coach [Eric] Wolford from Kentucky and they said they would take me. My Dad talked to Coach [Kirby] Smart and they needed to see how stuff worked out with numbers about taking me and stuff like that.”

Georgia line coach Matt Luke visited him last Sunday. Bobo then took a trip over to Athens yesterday.

“Coach Luke said he wants to take me and he wanted me to get back over to Athens on Sunday to talk to Coach Smart about it,” Drew Bobo said.

Bobo said he wants to play center for the Bulldogs at the next level.

“That’s something I want to play because I played that as a sophomore and I really liked it,” Drew Bobo said. “This year I was the backup center, but they wanted me at tackle because I was taller than everybody.”

He worked at right tackle for Team Alabama on Saturday in the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Classic.

He consulted with this father and they both agreed it was best to make a decision this week.

“He doesn’t want opportunities to close for me by waiting until February because of the portal and everything going on with that,” Drew Bobo said. “He said it is crazy. He said opportunities for people can close if they do not sign in December.”

He said that the Sunday trip was the first time his father was going to be with him at Georgia. His father went on a couple of officials with him, but not to Athens.

That said, his father shared no plans with him about his future. Could he be an analyst on Georgia’s staff? Could he follow the Will Muschamp role to being a member of the Georgia staff?

That, he said, was not part of this decision.

“He hasn’t said anything about what he wants to do really,” Drew Bobo said. “He’s mentioned a ton of stuff. He’s kind of enjoying everything right now.”

Drew Bobo made this decision for himself. That’s because he really has no idea about where his parents and his four younger siblings will be living by the time next season rolls around.

“He has no idea what he is going to do,” Drew Bobo said. “He said he wants to be patient this time around.”

His father drove over to the Hattiesburg in Mississippi last week for those All-Star practices. Then he drove over to his younger brother’s basketball games.

“He said he wants me to make a decision and get me situated before he makes a decision,” Drew Bobo said. “So I do not make a decision based on him.”

Georgia was the choice for him before he made the trip over to see Athens again on Sunday.

“Honestly they already are,” he said last week. “I just want to go this weekend with my Dad and just tell Coach Smart when I am over there.”

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Drew Bobo: What is Georgia getting here?

Keith Etheredge, his coach at Auburn High, has been the head coach of five state title teams in Alabama.

He got to coach Drew for just one season this fall. That season, the new Bulldog commit said, was the most fun season he has ever had playing the game.

Etheredge said that Bobo’s game is more than just a culture fit and a sharp football mind with the game coursing through his DNA. Mike Bobo is now to many, but his grandfather George is a legendary coach in Georgia high school football.

“Drew is one of those kids who can block anybody,” Etheredge said. “He doesn’t have trouble with the quicker kids because he is athletic. He doesn’t have trouble with the bigger kids because he is big and he’s strong and he’s long. We played IMG Academy this year and he goes in and I think he has four or five pancakes against that loaded team in the game. Grades out very high.”

“I watched him the other day in the Alabama-Mississippi game and he dominated. When he gets on you, he’s smart and he plays with great leverage. He’s got good feet. All the things that you want in an offensive lineman and he plays from snap to whistle. If you do not bring your absolute A-game, then he is going to mash you. He’s got a little nasty to him and he’s just a great kid to coach.”

Etheredge said that Bobo is the type of player that will make his teammates laugh. He knows his way around the snaggle-tooth filter on Snapchat.

Bobo is one of those guys that will keep it very light in the locker room when the time comes for that, he said.

“Just a great and humble kid to be around,” Etheredge said. “You can tell it because he has got such great parents. I think all of that boils down to he’s a great football player on the way to Georgia. The kids really love him. He’s a special kid. Deals really well with the younger kids on the team.”

“I tell you what, I don’t know what we would have done without him this year at Auburn High. I feel like I have been blessed to coach him even if it is just for one year. We had a blast.”

His final thoughts on Bobo showed two possibilities. He can see him following in the coach’s role just like his father and grandfather.

“But I can also see him getting a shot at playing in the interior offensive line on Sundays,” Etheredge said.


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