Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This rep has the latest with 2024 EDGE prospect CJ Jackson of Tucker. He has yet to receive a ranking from any of the major recruiting services.


The CJ Jackson story just keeps getting better

The Class of 2024 EDGE from Tucker now has a couple of prospect pages from the major recruiting services. He still doesn’t have any stars or rankings, though.

Jackson’s initial story was detailed last week. That was when the national champion and top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs became his second offer.

He’s since picked up offers from Clemson, Ole Miss and Texas A&M. He got that impressive Clemson offer after his visit two Saturdays ago for the Miami game.

Jackson took his first visit to UGA on Saturday for the Georgia Tech game.

He was impressed. To say the least.

“Oh, man,” he said. “Georgia was outstanding. The facilities were outstanding. They had me go on a little mini-tour before we actually went down to the place we were eating at. The facilities were like nothing I have seen on any one of my visits.”

Georgia was already impressed. That’s why they made him feel special in a few obvious ways. He had an obvious priority seat among the first three rows of the west end zone recruiting stands.

It started early.

“When I first got there they had the Cadillacs and Jeeps and all of that stuff,” he said.

A lot of the recruits got on buses but he heard his name called out.

“They took me to the car and gave me a whole tour and everything,” Jackson said. “I got to meet Kirby [Smart] and I had a little conversation with Kirby, too.”

What did Kirby say?

“He loved my film,” Smart said. “Talked about where I was from. We talked about the history of Tucker and all of that. Coach Smart is a real good dude.”

Can he already picture himself playing for the ‘Dawgs?

“Oh yeah,” he said on Saturday evening, “For sure. I did it all day today. Did it all day.”

He was studying the Georgia defense.

“Just like looking at my position,” he said. “Looking at how they play my position. Picturing me in there seeing what I would do in certain situations. Stuff that I would say most recruits do when they are on those little trips at the little games. Just picture yourself on that field. Making those plays.”

He definitely said he felt like a priority in Athens. According to what he said, the ‘Dawgs rolled out the red carpet for him on Saturday.

Jackson said the mini-tour and getting to talk to Coach Smart were his favorite parts of the visit.

“Just getting that feel for the school and getting shown around,” he said. “Just getting that little mini-tour before I go back up in December and all that type of stuff. Just that part. And then of course, meeting Coach Smart. Having a conversation with him. We had a real good conversation. Just the hospitality that they showed me was most definitely my favorite part.”

Is it safe to say the ‘Dawgs are a major contender for him now?

“Most definitely,” he said. “Especially for them being the number one team in the nation and for them to show this much love. Just offering me without them ever seeing me. Showing me around. Having me on the tour in the car going to the facilities and all that stuff. They showed a lot of love. They are most definitely up there.”

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CJ Jackson: Where do the ‘Dawgs fit in now?

Jackson saw home games at Georgia and Clemson on back-to-back weeks. It was interesting to hear his thoughts on those two trips to check out two of college football’s elite programs.

“I feel like because it was a rivalry between Georgia and Georgia Tech that it was a little bit more live at Georgia,” he said. “But Clemson played Miami, though. They knew they had that one in the bag. I just felt like the crowd was more into it this game at Georgia. But it is kind of sort of the same.”

Well, except for the facilities.

“I thought Clemson had one of the best but I was wrong,” Jackson said. “I hadn’t been to Georgia yet and Georgia had a really nice facility. I wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as it was.”

Jackson had his mother, Karima Jackson, with him on Saturday.

“She said she loved it,” CJ Jackson said.

Being able to talk with Smart and the coaches one-on-one was what she liked the best. Jackson also said the ‘Dawgs finally got to see him in person on Saturday.

“They loved me,” he said. “I spoke to coach [Chidera] Uzo-Diribe when I first got there. Good dude. I feel like they liked what they saw.”

“I talked to coach Diribe. He said he was most likely going to try to get me back up there in December. So maybe sometime in December. Most definitely in January.”

He said that Smart was just “so easy to talk to” in that meeting.

“You know how some folks kind of tense up and all?” Jackson said. “It was just a relaxed conversation with me and my Mom. We had a really good conversation with him. Not even just about football. But like family and where we are from and all that.”

That was his first game day at Sanford Stadium. What will he remember the most about the gameday atmosphere?

“Just being up close,” he said. “I kind of mean with that just seeing how much they wanted you and stuff like that. Because I really didn’t know. We were there and there was one person that was like ‘sit in probably the first three rows’ and ‘you can sit up there’ and I was like ‘oh snap okay’ and it was just a really good game. That was one of my first times being like really upfront and up close and personal. Compared to other recruits. They have different seating at other places than Georgia has got. Especially if you are in the front then you are really right there.”

Tucker DE CJ Jackson is now a priority recruit for Georgia in the 2024 class. (Jeff Sentell / DawgNation) (Jeff Sentell/Dawgnation)

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The best part about the CJ Jackson story to pay attention to

CJ Jackson was on a loaded Parkview team in 2021 and he didn’t get any offers. He decided to transfer back to Tucker and put up some GREAT film. That’s what Georgia saw and they offered him sight unseen just off on tape and the perspective of the teams that had faced him.

Jackson got an offer from Indiana in October. The Class of 2024 EDGE also visited FSU and Mississippi State for games earlier this year. He left both those games without an offer. He visited Clemson earlier this year for the Syracuse game and left without an offer.

There was another trip to check out North Carolina for the Pittsburgh game.

He didn’t get an offer from the ‘Dawgs until two weeks ago.

And he’s somehow found himself sitting in the stands at Clemson and UGA on back-to-back weeks. Is he ever going to forget those times when he was just hoping for just one offer?

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “For sure. For sure. Especially when folks talk to me. I’m like [speechless.] They talk to me like I’ve just been in the spotlight. Just some 5-star guy. And I’m like ‘I just started getting this attention’ and it is crazy to me.”

Check out his impressive junior film below.


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