Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s the Intel. This entry is about the latest with 4-star DL target Jamaal Jarrett out of North Carolina.


It is hard to block Jamaal Jarrett in the trenches. Especially with just one guy. That could be an All-American level offensive lineman at that.

It is just as taxing trying to decide upon the most positive thing the 4-star DT from North Carolina had to say about his weekend visit to check out UGA.

Consider this a highly-representative sample:

  • “I didn’t even want to leave myself,” Jarrett said. “To be honest, I felt so at home over there. The coaches kept dapping me up. I talked to the players. Said goodbye to them. Then got on the road.”
  • “It was lit, man. This visit was better than the one in January because I was able to sit down one-on-one with each coach. We talked about me as a player. Talked about what I could bring to their system. It was just awesome just being able to watch my film, getting to know the coaches and knowing what I could bring to their program. Talking to coach [Kirby] Smart, too. It was just a great experience.”
  • It felt just like an official visit, man.”
  • “I talked to Nazir Stackhouse, Big Bear Alexander, Mykel Williams, Jalon Walker and basically the whole defensive line and outside linebacker room. It was awesome. I just felt at home. In the D-line room, I felt comfortable as well.”
  • Jarrett also clearly stated Georgia is not only in the running for an official visit, but it will get one on the first weekend in June. Those that read this space regularly do not need a memory jog to know that is 30A calendar real estate for priority official visits. Legacy commit Pearce Spurlin III plans to take his that weekend as well and he wants to bring the potential core of the 2023 class to town with him, too.
  • “I’m taking an official,” he said. “I’m probably taking an unofficial before then or maybe two. Probably in May or April.”

When he shared those words, they did not come across as mere praise for a page. The way he conveyed those thoughts, it was clear he was smiling wide over the call.

How committable is his offer? Well, the way the UGA staff greeted him says a lot. We will detail that in a moment.

Jarrett has already reached the stage where he has known he’s a wanted man for months now.

Tray Scott has his ways.

“I already had that blessing,” Jarrett said. “Coach Scott he makes it all very real. He looks at you dead in the eyes and says ‘Do you want to come be a ‘Dawg?’ and that is Coach Scott’s way of saying something like that.”

When Scott pulled up to Georgia, the Bulldogs basically had some big red LED welcome lights on.

“Yo as soon as well pulled up on the field, the practice field, the whole recruiting staff, all the coaches and everybody in the building surrounded the car and started clapping,” Jarrett said. “It was awesome, man. Just awesome.”

Stackhouse took him under his wing.

“He was my mentor and basically my tour guide,” Jarrett said. “I pretty much spent time with him, Mykel Williams and Big Bear the whole visit. I was able to watch them practice. Just being in the film room was awesome. I was asking questions. Watching film. I was basically doing everything they were doing.”

“I felt like I was already a part of the team.”

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4-star 2023 DTprospect Jamaal Jarrett (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)

Why Georgia crushed the latest visit for Jamaal Jarrett

Jarrett spent two full days in Athens. He arrived with his mother, his stepdad and his little sister, Jada, on early Friday afternoon.

“She loved it,” he said. “She loved the school. The campus. Everything is surrounded by the campus. It was awesome for her, too.”

They left that first night in the early evening.

“Then I woke up again Saturday and did it all over again and then got to watch practice,” Jarrett said.

This visit was “way more informative” for him. He got to meet the staff and their family members.

The big things were two key elements: Player connections. Getting to watch the national champions practice.

Those were the two ways the trip surpassed his first visit to UGA in January for the national championship celebration.

“The players said that every school has got something nice but the reason they picked Georgia was with the relationships they build with the coaches and that coach Scott is really the best defensive line coach in the nation. They were like every school has something nice, but you will know which one is going to be home for you based on those relationships.”

And then he was talking ‘bout practice.

“Oh my gosh,” Jarrett said. “This was the first college practice I’ve seen and I think it will be the best one. They treat it like an NFL practice in every little thing they do. They move so fast. Coach Smart, his system is fast. Everyone is running somewhere.”

“You’ve got to be conditioned man. You run from one side of the field to another. I was wanting to run with them, man. It was just crazy.”

Smart was his usual entertaining self. He had jokes, along with both razor-sharp instruction and wit.

“One player had won an award for the hardest worker of the week,” Jarrett said. “We were watching the film and it showed a play of him walking on the play. Coach Smart was like ‘Give me my shirt back’ for hardest worker and I was like ‘Oh no’ and it was real funny.”

Jarrett said Stackhouse and Williams performed well. He said 2022 Georgia signee Christen Miller was at practice and they got to hang out a lot.

“He and I were standing on the sideline and somebody said ‘Is that Jordan [Davis] and Devont’e [Wyatt ] and I was like ‘Oh no’ about that, too,” Jarrett said. “We’re basically their size, man. It was awesome. He and I have that bond built already.”

Barring an upset, the Bulldogs should see three members of their defensive front go in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft next month. He got to see how Scott trains his guys for that type of future.

“All gas,” he said. “No brake, man. That dude is back-to-back-to-back. Drilling. He’s a great coach. He will run the field. He will demonstrate. He expects everything to be done right and a certain way. He’s always saying that ‘If you are that guy then you will be that guy in practice and in the games’ to his players.

He knew that UGA is sending 14 ‘Dawgs off to the NFL. It still looked like a championship team at work.

“Georgia set that mark,” he said. ‘They can send 14 guys to the NFL and they are just going to keep sending more and more in the future. Just by watching that practice, there are still a lot of ‘Dawgs out there.”

There might be three or four Bulldogs bigger than him on the roster. Maybe. That would be offensive linemen Jacob Hood, Amarius Mims, Xavier Truss and Devin Willock. Those guys are just taller than him. Not bigger.

He was floored by how much bigger Hood has gotten since he last saw him at a big prospect camp.

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4-star 2023 DL prospect Jamaal Jarrett (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)

Bottom lines: How does Jamaal Jarrett feel about UGA now?

There are about five members of the Georgia staff that stay in daily contact with Jarrett. That includes both co-defensive coordinator Will Muschamp and Smart.

He has family plans for the weekend of G-Day. He will, regrettably, not be able to attend.

When asked how the visit could have flowed or turned out any better, the answer here was telling.

“Have me play with them?” he wondered around. “If I could suit up for practice. Man, that would have been awesome if I could have done that.”

Does he feel Georgia can maximize his future?

“Yes, sir,” Jarret said. “Definitely. I believe that if I go to Georgia or if I were to be a part of their program I would become a better football player, a better student-athlete and become a better role model for my community. They work on all those things with you at Georgia, man. That’s D-line U right there at Georgia.”

It was hard to drive off.

“I didn’t want to leave,” he said. “Like I said earlier, I felt at home over there. The players were treating me like I was already playing with them. The school and great campus over there. Kirby Smart is there. He’s one of the greatest coaches I’ve met. Ever. It was awesome there. I didn’t want to leave. I told my mom ‘Can we stay just one more day?’ when we were leaving.”

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4-star 2023 DL prospect Jamaal Jarrett (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)


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