Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry tees up the chance to see and hear from newly-minted Georgia Bulldog commitment Griffin Scroggs of Grayson High School in Metro Atlanta.


Griffin Scroggs committed to Georgia on Tuesday night. He has all the qualities that one might look for in an offensive lineman.

There’s just something different about the players who man that position.

“He is a very kind and loving and giving person,” his mother Jackie Scroggs said. “He is the person that is going to help that person near them that is struggling and not kick them down. He’s an encourager.”

He’s the guy that brings his teammates over to his house after practice to hang out.

Scroggs had been to UGA about seven times before he finally knew what he had to do. He had to man up and call the Georgia Tech staff to tell him of his intention to de-commit.

He was on his way to Georgia. That’s the same young man who grew up from the lad who made those all-camp teams at Kirby Smart’s first youth football camps when he arrived at UGA.

Scroggs can grill a great steak and has also been a certified scuba diver since he was 10 years old. That’s a new one for a man of his size that will play in the trenches in the Southeastern Conference.

Georgia Tech had a big lead, but the Bulldogs started turning his head after he camped back on June 1. He came back on June 2 for what turned out to be a very fruitful visit.

When Georgia opened its doors to the new facility on June 1, it was just the weight room that recruits got to see on that day.

The 6-foot-5, 310-pound two-time state champion OL was invited back on June 2 to see the whole thing.

“When I got invited back on the second, my family was the first family that got to go through and tour the new facilities,” Scroggs said. “Coach [Matt] Luke invited us back on the second to come up early. They only showed the weight room on June 1, but on June 2 we got to see everything.”

He was taken back by the new UGA “lava lamp” that is part of that $80 million price tag.

“It is like the coolest Georgia lava lamp,” Scroggs said. “There is this cool wall you have to see in the locker room. It is like a lava lamp but a huge Georgia lava lamp with bubbles going through it. It is like the coolest wall art or sort of Georgia decoration you have ever seen.”

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Griffin Scroggs: What it know means to be a Bulldog

It eventually grew on Scroggs that Georgia was what he was looking for. He had a very fun visit over this past weekend which really cemented things.

I think that it is something that I have worked for for a long time,” he said back on June 9 when he first got the UGA offer. “I think that it is the level that I wanted to play football at. I’ve been waiting so long to get this opportunity. Or any opportunity at this point to play at the biggest or highest level of college football that you can get.”

He took an official visit to Georgia Tech in the middle of June. At that time, it seemed like the Yellow Jackets wanted him more than any other school. That began to change over the next month as Georgia’s board began to take shape coming out of the summer visit period.

When he was 11, he got those All-Dawg or All-Smart camp awards at those camps.

“From there on, I was like this is a pretty cool program and I wanted to play there,” Scroggs said. “Even when I was just 11.”

He has some Florida fans in his family. A few Yellow Jackets and Tennessee Vols, too. But he is now a Bulldog.

“I wasn’t convinced [about Georgia] until I went there this past weekend,” his mother said. “When all of the business of college recruiting was tucked away and set aside, we got to see the people at Georgia for who they really are. Coach Luke introduced us to his wife and his kids. We got to spend time with them and we were struck by how real they are. I walked away feeling they cared for him and they appreciated him.”

“He’s a pleaser. He’s going to do whatever they want him to do and it is nice to know that the person on the other side of that is taking care of all of that effort he will give to them in the right way.”

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