Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is all about the official visit made by priority 2022 target Oscar Delp to Georgia


Oscar Delp still has his recruiting process cut out for him. It is a marathon. Not a sprint. He’s seen Alabama, Clemson and Georgia over the last seven days.

His take on that arms race is fascinating. It will be explored in this piece. Yet the first read is documenting what the nation’s No. 2 TE prospect had to say about his Georgia official visit.

Disclaimer time: He’s going to take all of his visits. Delp still plans to see games in the fall for the real contenders. The 6-foot-5, 230-pounder from West Forsyth (Cumming, Ga.) is still honoring his mother, Mary, with a public commitment on her birthday on September 30.

Delp is a polished interview. We say that a lot in this space, but it is true. He speaks his mind freely and with great clarity. He’s also as responsible and easy-to-work-with as any prospect could be.

But he often gives a reporter too much good stuff. His recap was filled with more eye candy than a Lane Kiffin documentary. It requires a good eye on the ball to track what really matters.

I mean, he did say the following this time:

  • On finally putting on the Georgia gear:It was the craziest feeling. I mean this time last year I was dreaming about playing college football and now some of the best teams in the country are recruiting me extremely hard to play. To finally put that jersey on and get a glimpse of what could be the future is just crazy.”
  • On where his mind was after leaving Georgia: “I’ve definitely got a lot of emotions running. We had a great great visit. I was blown away at the end. They’ve definitely won my parents over so far. I mean the coaches did such a great job setting that whole thing up. They have just amazing presentations for me and my family. Getting to spend time with all the players and coaches and everyone I just felt real welcomed and really enjoyed everything.”
  • He’s getting to be “buddies” now with elite RB prospect Branson Robinson.
  • “My parents right now are both feeling really good about Georgia,” he said.
  • Delp relayed that Kirby Smart told him he’s the best tight end in the country and he can really excel and make an impact as a freshman. “He said they don’t really have a player that’s like me and I can really differentiate myself in that tight end room and make a big impact.”
  • On Gunner Stockton: “He’s as good as it gets as a person and as a friend.”

All good stuff. Very good appetizers and second and third courses and desert content.

Yet the main course was something else entirely: Somehow Georgia has done it.

Blame it on Todd Monken. Maybe Kirby Smart. Or De’Nylon Morrissette. Or most likely that low-key ace recruiter-slash-family man Todd Hartley.

His father Chris Delp is somehow now a part of it. Whatever it is, the nation’s No. 80 overall prospect (247Sports Composite) believes that tight ends can be exclamation points in the Georgia “Air Raid” variant offense.

“They are throwing the ball to the tight end now,” Delp said. “It is showing. [Todd] Monken is doing that also. It just really opened my eyes. It was awesome.”

Georgia’s tight ends are no longer sleek road graders. Hartley’s room is no longer “eye candy” in the Bulldog offense.

His father, Chris, has always been open about his recruiting. To be honest, his father has told him he didn’t know if Georgia was right for him.

“That was because of their tight end usage and all that,” Oscar Delp said. “Then after this trip, he kind of looked at me and said ‘Look, man. That trip really answered every question’ and ‘this place could be a real good fit for you’ and just stuff like that.”

Let’s say Georgia eventually becomes the school for Delp. What would be the moment he could point to from that visit where the Bulldogs put a headlock around his decision?

“So [Sunday] right before we left we got to have a meeting with all the coaches,” Delp said. “Coach Hartley had a whole presentation made. It was one of the best presentations I have ever had in my whole life. My parents were blown away by it all. So it was amazing.”

“He broke down my film first. Just showing why they want me and everything that made me so special to them. Then he went through how their depth charts looked and how I can make an impact early. Just their offense. Going through the film with me of their spring and everything they have been doing.”

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It is pretty safe to say Oscar Delp and Gunner Stockton have a pretty clear bond after playing together all spring on the well-regard Hustle, Inc. 7-on-7 team. (Courtesy photo/Dawgnation)

Oscar Delp: A few other choice details from his official

John FitzPatrick and Brett Seither were his hosts last weekend.

“Those are both awesome guys,” Delp said. “That tight end room is really close. I got to hang out with all of them. Brock Bowers was really cool, too. They are all awesome dudes.”

Arik Gilbert’s transfer to UGA is of no concern. It was like asking Delp if he’s worried about Adonai Mitchell or Justin Robinson on the roster.

“Not really,” Delp said. “He’s pretty much taking over the [George] Pickens role. It would be the same thing as if Pickens were there. I really don’t think of it as too much of a difference to me right now. He’s playing outside receiver so it is really not going to affect me too much at tight end.”

“If he starts balling out and doing his thing and he’s getting double covered that just leaves one less guy to cover me. I guess it almost helps me out in a way.”

What will be the proof that Georgia is now a TE haven? Delp will study true freshman Brock Bowers this fall in terms of catches, targets and making an impact. He considers himself in that same vein of an asset to any offense as a playmaking tight end.

“I’m excited to watch him play,” Delp said of Bowers.

Delp said all of his questions were answered. A big question coming in was he wanted to know what the team was like. He came away regarding them as “all awesome dudes.”

“The other thing was again how they are going to get the ball to the tight end and I really think they are going to be starting to do that now,” Delp said. “Georgia is really looking like they are going to become that ‘Tight End U’ because that’s what people are saying.”

Being around the players was another major key. Immersion into the Georgia culture also stood out.

“At one point, I was literally sitting at a table with George Pickens, De’Nylon Morrissette, Jermaine Burton, Nolan Smith and Zamir White,” he said. “It was crazy. All of those high-profile guys. Out with all the recruits and all the players just hanging out. It was really awesome.”

Hartley and Morrissette were recruiting him the hardest on the trip, he said.

“De’Nylon was just following me around every day and saying ‘Man that is a ‘Dawg right there’ and he was doing that every day,” Delp said of his Hustle Inc. 7-on-7 teammate. “Every day. Every time I was with him. He let me know that he wants me there.”

Delp now regards Hartley as “just how he thought he was going to be” when they met. He chose the phrases “family man” and a “really genuine person” in his assessment of what it was like to finally meet Hartley face-to-face on a visit.

“He really cares about me,” Delp said. “He was no different in person than he was on the phone. That really stood out to me.”

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Oscar Delp said Kirby Smart told him that the Bulldogs don't have a player quite like him during his Georgia official visit. (Courtesy photo/Dawgnation)

Facilities arms race: Oscar Delp on Alabama vs. Clemson vs. Georgia

Delp saw Alabama on June 1 with Kojo Antwi. Clemson came on June 3. Georgia was on June 4-6.

“Every school is unique in its own way but one thing that makes Georgia definitely stand out is that new football facility they have,” Delp said. “That’s probably the craziest thing I have ever seen or I have ever been in. Some of the technology and stuff they have in there is just mind-blowing.”

“You can work out every single muscle in your body in there. They said if you still need something that they don’t have, they’ll get it. It is crazy. The technology. The recovery and the things they have there. There is no excuse not to get ready for that next level with all that equipment.”

The jaw-stuck-to-the-floor moment for Delp was the weight room.

“The weight room is just ginormous,” Delp said. “They’ve got these buttons where they can light up the whole weight room red. It was just crazy. Just crazy.”

Delp may not be ready to come out with a top school yet. But he does now have an opinion about the school with the top facilities in the country.

“Georgia’s facilities are now number one for me from what I have seen,” Delp said. “They are crazy.”

He’s checking out Florida, Michigan and South Carolina on officials set for this month. He’s not certain about what he will do with his fifth official visit yet.

Oscar Delp now believes in the evolution in how the tight ends will be used at Georgia. (Courtesy photo/Dawgnation)


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