Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry shares a collection of opinions from some key recruits that have been able to camp and tour Georgia’s new $80 million upgrades in team facilities this month.


Movies are a big thing to all of us. They still are. The screens (and the sizes of them) are just different now. Especially over the last 16 months.

Before the days of “Rotten Tomatoes” reviews and audience meta scores, it was common to see movie reviews everywhere. They gave away the gist, but not the key plot devices or the endings.

The best of those were sometimes layered over the movie posters at billboards, bus stops, subway stations and even the theatre marquees themselves.

That’s what it feels like right now to hear about Georgia’s new team facilities in Athens. DawgNation has collected the reviews from some high-profile names in the last few weeks since the NCAA allowed all Division 1-A football programs to open their doors on June 1.

The reviews are in and they are pretty stinking good for those that bleed the red and black.

How many 4 and 5-stars decided to give the new “Boardwalk” of Georgia football a 5-star review? Read on.

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3-star 2022 OL Drew Bobo (Auburn, Ala.)

“Georgia’s facilities are sweet. The weight room is huge. They have like the red lights everywhere. It is amazing. The locker room is pretty nice. It fits in right at the top of everything that I have been through. Like South Carolina and places like Auburn. Auburn is getting their new facilities, too. So I don’t know about that yet.”

What was the jaw-dropping moment for Bobo?

“When I walked into the locker room and looked and I saw the Lamborghini seats and stuff like that.”

4-star 2022 TE Oscar Delp (Cumming, Ga.)

“Every school is unique in its own way but one thing that makes Georgia definitely stand out is that new football facility they have,” Delp said. “That’s probably the craziest thing I have ever seen or I have ever been in. Some of the technology and stuff they have in there is just mind-blowing.”

“You can work out every single muscle in your body in there. They said if you still need something that they don’t have, they’ll get it. It is crazy. The technology. The recovery and the things they have there. There is no excuse not to get ready for that next level with all that equipment.”

The jaw-stuck-to-the-floor moment for Delp was the weight room.

“The weight room is just ginormous,” Delp said. “They’ve got these buttons where they can light up the whole weight room red. It was just crazy. Just crazy.”

Delp may not be ready to come out with a top school yet. But he does now have an opinion about the school with the top facilities in the country. He saw Alabama, Clemson and Georgia all in the same week to begin the month.

“Georgia’s facilities are now number one for me from what I have seen,” Delp said. “They are crazy.”

Oscar Delp and Gunner Stockton stage a celebration moment at their Georgia official visit from earlier this month. (Courtesy photo/Dawgnation)

5-star 2023 CB AJ Harris (Phenix City, Ala.)

Harris saw both Clemson and UGA back-to-back earlier this month. He shared this review before he went on to see Alabama, Notre Dame and Ohio State over the last 10 days.

How did he compare the facilities between the Bulldogs and Tigers?

“I want to say Georgia has the edge now there,” Harris said. “That weight room for Georgia is the best in the nation. The new facilities. All the new up-to-date things. I haven’t really seen anything like that anywhere else. I will be looking for that. I believe that Georgia has the best training room and weight room and things like that. That’s just because those areas at Georgia were a bit more spacious than anywhere else.”

He also mentioned the tech available to a UGA athlete.

“You got to see the velocity of the bars that the players were pushing around. That was really crazy to me.”

4-star 2023 RB Justice Haynes (Roswell, Ga.)

“It is amazing. You can tell that they put a lot of work into it and they are not even done building it. Which is the crazy part. They are adding I heard a full-time restaurant that is open 24 hours and you can order food with an app. That’s crazy to hear.”

“Then there are the Lamborghini seats of the locker room. The snack bar. The recovery center. They have everything that you can think of.”

What caught his eye the most?

“Definitely the recovery center. The recovery center was nice. They have a really cool hyperbaric chamber that I’ve never seen before in there. That was really nice. They had this massage chair that shot water up to massage you. That was really cool. They have got like two of those.”

4-star 2023 OL Bradyn Joiner (Auburn, Ala.)

“I have to give Georgia’s facilities a 10 out of 10 now. The facilities and coaching staff and everything is great down there. They treat you like a king down there. I just felt really at home there.”

4-star 2023 WR Cayden Lee (Powder Springs, Ga.)

“It actually now blows what they had before way way out of the water. It is really really nice. I can see they really put a lot of time and effort into it and they really care about their players a lot.”

4-star 2022 WR commit De’Nylon Morrissette (Kennesaw, Ga.)

Morrissette saw Georgia’s new facilities on four different days during the first week it was open. That was on opening day on June 1 and then for three more days during his 48-hour official visit.

The first impressions did not dim over time.

“It is very impressive. Like every time you see the weight room, it is like ‘wow’ but I am not going to lie the first time I saw the weight room was not as good as my reaction when I saw it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“That’s when I looked around more and they actually explained stuff and showed us workouts that they do in the weight room and how they work out in the weight room and stuff. It was way better seeing everything over the weekend.”

What was the one thing he’d show a recruit first?

“They have this salt room where it is filled with water. It is like a pod but not really open. You open it and there is like a little room filled with saltwater. You then lay in it and every 15 minutes of sleep equals like three hours of rest on your body. I was like that is like something you see in an Anime show or something. Seeing that got me so pumped about when I will get to UGA. That’s going to be the first thing I try when I get there.”

4-star North Cobb WR De'Nylon Morrissette is one of the most committed recruits to UGA in the 2022 class. (Courtesy photo/Dawgnation)

4-star 2022 RB Branson Robinson (Madison, Miss.)

“The best facilities I [have] ever seen. Next level. I think they are the only team in college that has a Jumbotron on the ceiling on their weight room. I was starstruck.”

A Jumbotron? Really?

“Yes, an NBA-like Jumborton in there right above the weight room.”

Class of 2022 RB prospect Branson Robinson did not take an unofficial visit to check out Clemson last weekend. (Courtesy photo) (Courtesy photo/Dawgnation)

4-star 2023 OL Madden Sanker (Douglasville, Ga.)

“I looked around at all the facilities and everything and it was amazing. It was better than anything I have ever seen.”

What was the coolest thing they have at UGA now?

“Definitely that weight room. I walked in there and it was echoing as I talked. It echoed. It was giant. It is the biggest weight room in the world that I have seen. It is just everything about it with the technology they have. They had something that tells how fast you squat something.”

“If you have 500 pounds, it tells you how fast you go up. That weight room was like astonishing. I have never seen anything like it.”

Unrated 2022 OL Griffin Scroggs (Loganville, Ga.)

Scroggs discussed everything about the new digs in Athens.

“It is the new locker room,” he said.

But then he expanded on it.

“Most specifically it is this cool wall you have to see in the locker room. It is like a huge lava lamp but it is a huge Georgia lava lamp. It has bubbles going through it. It is the coolest like art and like art decoration thing you are going to see in a football locker room.”

“But then it also has a barbershop in there. A sauna and all. I think it is really all pretty cool there.”

5-star 2022 ATH commit Malaki Starks (Jefferson, Ga.)

“It is incredible. Words are kind of hard to explain. It is just one of those things that you have got to see for yourself. When I first walked in, it was like ‘Wow’ and this is something I have never seen before.”

Where did his jaw hit the floor and stay there?

“Probably the training room,” Starks said. “The recovery stuff. All the recovery stuff they have for you and for your body. It is really hard to say that over the weight room, though. Beause that weight room is just beautiful.”

5-star Malaki Starks went to check out UGA on back-to-back days this month. (Courtesy photo/Dawgnation)

4-star 2023 CB commitment Marcus Washington, Jr. (Grovetown, Ga.)

“The facilities are awesome. To say the least.”

What was his favorite?

“It was really hard to choose from the new weight room or the new locker room. Those two places are pretty amazing. They’ve got the weight room with the Jumbotron above everything. They’ve got LED lights in there as well. They’ve got the locker room with the Lamborghini seats.”

His father, who also played at UGA, laughed when he said that.

“Yeah, he was lit up by them Lamborghini seats in that locker room,” Marcus Washington Sr. said.

Washington Jr. continued on.

“The compartments that they have are really neat. There is a little side piece where your cleats hang. Your shoulder pads hang above you. There’s a lot to choose from with that one.”

His father had an apt reply.

“So in other words they spoil ya’ll up there.”

Check out the full DawgNation conversation with Marcus Washington Sr. and his father below.

5-star 2023 DL Jayden Wayne (Tacoma, Wash.)

“I really like the facilities. ... Their facilities are top of the line. A great recovery center. They get you right. Their facilities are right at the top of what you will see in college football.”

5-star USC commitment Mykel Williams (Columbus, Ga.)

Williams chose USC this week, but it wasn’t because that program was ahead of UGA in the facilities race.

“The fact that they are fixing to get the cryo chamber,” Williams relayed about what impressed him of all the new toys at UGA. “Now that’s something and that little saltwater thing, too.”

That “little saltwater thing” is actually a big thing. There have been at least a half-dozen players mention that so far in their facility reviews this week with DawgNation.

“There’s like a saltwater thing or a tub or pool that you lay down in for an hour and they said that it is like having eight hours of sleep for just laying in there,” Williams said. “Man, that’s big. It is huge. Most definitely. The way that new facility is set up to spotlight their sports medicine department. That is huge.”

5-star 2023 RB Richard Young (Lehigh Acres, Fla.)

“Just looking at their new facilities. Oh my gosh. That was crazy. Those new facilities are definitely crazy. Everything is crazy.”

“There were like four or five TVs in the hot tub area. There were the Lamborghini seats in the new locker room. They are still building on to everything there. It was already crazy and they are still building onto it and are going to make it even crazier in the future.”

“That place has everything. Everything. There is no point in going back to your dorms. It is basically like home there. There is no place like home like that facility at Georgia anymore.”

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