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Branson Robinson and Dani Dennis-Sutton first met one another on their mutual official visits to UGA. They linked up on another official visit two weeks later at Alabama.
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When Dani Dennis-Sutton met Branson Robinson

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry details when major Georgia DE/LB target Dani Dennis-Sutton first met priority RB recruiting Branson Robinson on their official visits in Athens.


When Dani Dennis-Sutton met Branson Robinson, the name of the most fear-mongering movie villain since Darth Vader came up.

That happened when the two major Georgia targets for the 2022 cycle linked up on their official visits in Athens back in June.

Dennis-Sutton detailed the first meeting he had with Robinson recently. There are not many athletes that would cause him to fire off about 100 rapid bicep curls in succession with each arm.

Dennis-Sutton, at 6-foot-5 and 260 pounds, clearly lives in the weight room.

But he was impressed by Robinson. The 5-foot-10, 220-pound tailback from Mississippi can bench press 415 pounds and deadlift another 715 or so.

“He’s a beast, man,” Dennis-Sutton said of Robinson.

His first thought was “Nick Chubb 2.0″ with Robinson. That’s a comparison Robinson is honored to hear, but he embraces it. The stories and career arcs (and body types and strength levels) are remarkably similar at the same stage of their careers.

Robinson has picked up many nicknames for his Hulk-ish physique, but DDS went with the Avenger slayer from the Marvel Comics movie universe.

“When I finally saw him, I was like ‘Yo. Are you Thanos?’ with that,” Dennis-Sutton said. “I asked him that, but he was a cool dude.”

For those that do not follow the “Avengers” movie franchise, that is a high compliment. Thanos was such an imposing titan he couldn’t be felled by the mightiest heroes from the entire Marvel universe.

He was eventually defeated by a collective effort from just about everyone with a cape, a God weapon ax, an Infinity stone, a hammer, a shield or purple pants. With help from a war suit and a web-slinger.

That’s what it will look this fall in Mississippi watching high school players try to tackle Robinson.

Robinson was squatting 630 pounds back in May in his high school weight room. The old Bob Hope line works well here: He’s got muscles in places that most high school backs don’t have places.

“You’re talking about most high school players,” Dennis-Sutton said. “I think we are talking about he’s got muscles in places where most grown men and most NFL players don’t have it like that either. Not many guys have muscles like that.”

This is Germantown (Miss.) 4-star RB Branson Robinson. He's doing fairly well so far in the muscle department. He's rated as the nation's No. 3 RB for 2022 and as the No. 42 overall prospect on the 247Sports Composite ratings.
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Dani Dennis-Sutton and Branson Robinson: Linked?

Robinson’s official visit to UGA went so well he told DawgNation he didn’t want to leave.

Dennis-Sutton delivered a remarkable interview recently that included his thoughts on his three finalists, but also what he does to sharpen his mind and mental clarity through daily meditation.

Those two took their official visits to Georgia together. They repeated that feat a couple of weeks later as both also took their officials to Alabama.

“It was cool to see him, man,” Dennis-Sutton said. “He’s a beast, man. For sure.”

They independently announced that their college commitment decisions would take place on July 22.

Dennis-Sutton said they did not plan it that way. His story checks out. Robinson selected that commitment day to honor the memory of his slain uncle Bryan Jerome Robinson.

That’s a special date for DawgNation readers who really know his story. The powerful RB prospect is motivated to excel and achieve his dreams by the memory of his late uncle.

Robinson’s heartfelt memories about his uncle were reflected in the initial DawgNation deep-dive piece about the nation’s No. 3 RB and No. 42 overall prospect (247Sports Composite) for the 2022 cycle.

There is a picture atop his Twitter profile page. That image isn’t of Robinson, but his uncle and young niece. It is the answer to what drives him to run so fast and lift every weight.

“My uncle was shot and killed,” Branson Robinson told DawgNation earlier this year. “He was nothing but like 27 years old and he left a daughter behind. That just pushed me even more. I want his daughter to grow up knowing that my uncle was a great man. I play for him also. That gave me extra motivation.”

He writes the initials “BJR” on his pre-wrap and the spat on his cleats before every game. It is really about bringing honor to the Robinson family. He wants to see generations of his family have it easier than he did.

“I want to leave a legacy,” he said. “I want people to talk about me for years to come after I’m done playing. I want to leave a legacy for my future kids. To let them know what hard work can do for people and let them see the results it shows.”

Dennis-Sutton didn’t have any specific timing for his decision. He said he was planning a 5 p.m. announcement on July 22 for his decision reveal.

“I saw that day and I think that’s the day I want to do it,” Dennis-Sutton said.

Dani Dennis-Sutton is a pretty chiseled dude in his own right.
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